If you love Oreos as much as the next person, March is the month of National Oreo Day because why shouldn't everyone's favorite sandwich cookies have a special day? In honor of this here are some of the weirdest, wildest, and most interesting Oreo flavors ever made. 

Waffles and Syrup

Waffles are a fan favorite for breakfast. Coat them in a hefty amount of syrup and you have a delicious and sugary breakfast. Now imagine that iconic breakfast feel stuffed in a cookie... that doesn't really make sense right? Released in May 2017, these limited edition bites feature the golden cookies filled with a maple cream.

Swedish Fish

Does anyone else think that this just sounds strange. Swedish Fish have such an iconic flavor it's hard to imagine eating them in any other way but by themselves. The color is just as bright and red, but something about this flavor just seems off. 


You either love them or you hate them-- there is no in-between. Peeps are brightly-colored, sugar-coated, fun-shaped marshmallows usually sold around Easter time. Combining this sugary treat with the amazing Oreo cookie didn't last long, and made headlines all over the news. 

Pumpkin Spice

Yet another creation with the Pumpkin Spice flavor. It seems as if every fall, another brand creates their own concoction of the "white girl classic." Two golden Oreo cookies with the classic fall flavor sandwiched in between. You can't go wrong getting this version each fall. 


OK... this one is weird. Why are neon colors in food even a thing? Spongebob Oreos ditch the cookie design and instead feature the main characters from the show on the outside. In-between the cookies there is bright yellow icing. I don't know if there is something that could make this any less appetizing. 


A nice refreshing glass of limeade on a warm summer day sounds great, but lime mixed with Oreo cookies... not so much. Not only does it sound bitter and sour, but it just doesn't feel right. Clearly one of the more wild flavors the company has created. 

Banana Split

It's a classic sundae. What could be so unique about it other than the fact that its an Oreo? The company was definitely thinking out of the box when they created this Oreo flavor combining two iconic desserts into one. 


How about a juicy slice of watermelon on a summer day, fresh and not artificial. This Oreo flavor is a watermelon creme in between two golden cookies. Not only does it sound incredibly interesting, but one can only imagine how fake the cookie tastes. Fruit may not be the best way to go when creating Oreo flavors.

Dairy Queen Blizzard Creme

Oreo-flavored blizzard in an Oreo. This one sounds delicious because you know exactly what you are getting and you know the flavor will be great. Clearly someone wasn't thinking about flavor variety in this creation. But, it works and it's worth a try.

Candy Corn

This Halloween classic was created into an Oreo flavor just to be sold around the holiday. The creme is multicolored and flavored as the candy which is nostalgic in itself, but you might only like it if you like the candy. 

Candy Cane

A limited edition release around Christmastime. It was later released as Peppermint Oreo showing that the Candy Cane flavor did not last. Festive for the holiday time, but not so strong in terms of it lasting. Cleary the flavor was great but its execution, not so much. 

Rainbow Shure, Bert/Creamsicle

Both Sherbet and Creamsicle have that memorable fruity taste in a frozen form. Oreo released these limited edition treats when the golden cookies were first created. They look great, but no word on how they taste yet. 

Fruit Punch

When I was talking to my friends about this one, we all agreed on one thing: this is weird. Fruit punch is a mixture of who knows what fruits with a ton of sugar. Place that in-between two sandwich cookies and you have a little child's dream. These do not sound so great, and were a limited edition release and are no longer in circulation. 

Root Beer Float

This one seems to take away all the fun of a root beer float: putting the ice cream into the root beer and watching it fizzle and foam. However, another one of Oreo's limited edition releases features the golden cookies with a root beer creme. Not sure how the carbonation holds up in the creme, but sounds like a sweet treat. 

Key Lime Pie

Out of all of these flavors, this one doesn't seem too insane to me. But compared to the basic Oreo, it is a little out of the box. The golden cookies are replaced with graham cracker pie crust flavoring and a key lime creme. This one seems like it might just work.

Jelly Donut

It's almost a regular Golden Oreo, except for the fact that there is jelly in the middle of the creme. The cookie does a good job mimicking the sweet treat and seems pretty normal in relation to some of the other flavors on the list. 

Mystery Flavor

Would you try an Oreo if you didn't know the flavor? Apparently a lot of people did. Oreo released this limited edition treat and had consumers guess the flavor until it was no longer being made. As it turns out, the flavor was Fruit Loops officially released in December of 2017. 

Spicy Hot Cinnamon

If you want a little kick, this one is for you. The spicy cinnamon candy infused into the creme gives some contrast of flavor against the sweet cookie. Not much is known on this one yet, as it is still in its first few months of circulation, but it will obviously be one to be remembered. 

Cotton Candy

If you have a sweet tooth, this one is probably for you. As pure sugar, cotton candy is a favorite carnival treat each summer for kids and adults alike. How can placing it in between the sandwich cookies be wrong? Definitely a good choice for those who crave the carnival treat. 

Bonus Flavors:

Some new limited flavors scheduled for release in 2018 will include Cherry Cola, Kettle Corn, and Piña Colada.