If you've been in any grocery store recently you've probably been bombarded with all the new Oreo flavors that have come out. Even more than the intrigue I have for the S'mores Oreos (how is this the first time someone thought of that?!), is the curiosity for what exactly the mystery flavor might be. Read on for the full journey I had the first time I bought and tried a package of the Mystery Oreos.

1. Intrigue

You see them on the shelf, surrounded by what seems to be hundreds of new flavors. You wonder: with all these other flavors what else is left, what amazing, unknown treat has Oreo cooked up for us?

2. Debate

Is it worth it to take a gamble on this mystery flavor instead of sticking with the tried and true classic flavor? Will I ruin my Oreo consumption for the week if the flavor is one I don't like? This is the philosophical debate you will have with yourself in the aisle of your local Safeway at approximately 4:32 on a Sunday. 

3. Decision

Through the thick and the thin Oreo has never lead you astray. Even when you questioned Oreo Thins at first (how could less cookie and less cream make a better Oreo experience?!), they eventually pulled through. You decide to go for it. 

4. Grab a buddy

This step is crucial. You'll want someone on hand when you actually open up and try one of these bad boys, being able to bounce theories off of each other means that you'll be more likely to come to a definitive conclusion, and have more fun along the way.

5. Confusion 

Maybe this was just me, but I expected some indicator of flavor when I opened the package. But Oreo, those sly cookie-designers, keep the colors as neutral as the Oreos you've known your whole life.

6. Investigation

Put on your detective hat because it's time to pull out all the tricks you learned from Law & Order. Now is finally the time to test everything, taste, smell, even texture if you're feeling it.

7. Brainstorming

Think of any flavor it could possibly be and bounce this idea off your buddy, or any other participants you've dragged in along the way. It may not seem like it but eventually you'll all come to a consensus on exactly what flavor it is. 


8. Clarity

When you know you know. And from the very first time my buddy said it, we all knew. The mystery Oreo flavor is.........Fruit Loops! Jump for joy because the great dilemma of our generation has finally been resolved.

So now you know. Trying mystery Oreos for the first time is a roller coaster ride and a half, but all you have to do is strap in and embrace the unknown, I promise it's worth it.

For what it's worth here's my final assessment of the Mystery Oreo:

Flavor: still (relatively) ~mysterious~. Journey: priceless