OK seriously, Oreo seems to come out with a new flavor every single day. Yesterday @thejunkfoodaisle reported that chocolate hazelnut aka Nutella-flavored Oreos were coming soon, and last month they reported that a mystery flavor was to come.

Well yesterday, foodbeast confirmed the ~mystery~ flavor speculation when a white-colored package filled with the cookies was sent to their office. The cookie looks like a regular ol' Oreo, but according to the foodbeast staff, it tastes like Froot Loops! 

"As soon as we pulled open the little lift tab on the cookie's packaging, an immediate tropical smell hit us hard, like a 21 Savage hook," Isai Rocha writes.

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Kelly Ho

Starting on Monday, Oct. 9, you'll be able to start taking your own guesses at the flavor and if you guess right, you'll have a chance at winning $50,000. That would buy you about 16,700 packages of Oreos, or if you're being an adult, help pay off your college tuition or something. 

Whatever the flavor is, it seems like it's way different from their traditional flavor (but maybe not so far off from the terrible Swedish Fish flavor). So try your hand at guessing and you could win some cash, or at least impress your friends with your impeccable taste buds.