So yeah, Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos are about to be a thing. I'm freaking out, you're freaking out, we're all freaking the eff out. However, the name is a little long, so let's just call them what we're all thinking—they're basically Nutella-flavored Oreos, and their a BFD. 

From the photos, it looks like the new Oreo will feature a chocolate-filled center, squished between two hazelnut-flavored cookies... OK, I'm down.

According to Instagram users @junkbanter and @thejunkfoodaisle, these babies are "coming soon." And I believe them—they're both pretty trustworthy.

Unfortunately, however, there's no time frame or release date yet for these dreams of an Oreo, or apparently any great photos, but stay tuned for updates! And in the meantime, enjoy your Cookie Butter Oreos (possibly dipped in Nutella?).