We all want to eat and taste new foods when we're out or abroad. I'll teach you the equation on how to do both while you keep the pounds off, even outside of your own kitchen.

You need to work for what you eat, literally. If you want to eat a full pizza, which I’m a master at doing, you need to work for it either before or after if you don’t want the pounds to show up. Be ACTIVE.

It’s logical, we all know we shouldn’t eat that piece of cake if we have sat around all day. It's easier said than done… I get it.

I know what it’s like. That shouldn’t scare you though. Don’t look at it in a negative light by thinking, "oh, I can’t eat that pizza, can’t eat that pasta, can’t eat that cake, because I haven’t worked for it today."

Instead, turn the food you already ate into a new goal, something for you to work for that will keep you going. We need to set incentives for ourselves to satisfy our goals.

So, turn the equation around. Eat the pizza, eat the cake. Then, say to yourself; I’ll eat the pizza, but tonight or tomorrow I’m going to work for what I ate. Indulge. It’ll be an amazing journey if you treat yourself right, but know your limits, that’s another point.

Here are some examples of things I've eaten abroad...

sweet potato, lobster, potato
Pauline Fitzgerald

First plate, at a Vineyard in South Africa where they offered us the freshest food straight from their gardens and water out of the mountains that surrounded us. Each plate had its own "color" of food and with each color was a whole plate of food with that specific color.

Pauline Fitzgerald

Eating fresh is the best way to go, you can't go wrong. Eat as whole and fresh foods as possible as whole to keep the pounds off.

cheese, salad
Pauline Fitzgerald

This picture was taken in Italy, where the food is no joke. The quality of the food is like no other. They care about every single ingredient being consumed and make it a point to not put things in our body that shouldn’t be there.

cheese, pasta, spaghetti
Pauline Fitzgerald

Contrary to popular belief, it's easy to not gain too much weight while in Italy because of how much walking you need to do to get around. My mother was born and raised in northern Italy and currently resides in Rome, so I have traveled to Italy numerous times and am aware of how to eat properly while traveling.

coffee, tea, pizza, beer
Pauline Fitzgerald

#SpoonTip: When traveling, make sure you know your surroundings before you get there so you can make sure to be active. Google where you're going and Google your hotel to see if there's a gym in it. If you are active and eating right, splurge all you want!