This past summer I studied abroad in one of the most amazing on Earth: Florence, Italy (or as I like to call it, Flo). Amazing food. Amazing culture. Amazing people. And above all, amazing night life. 

Anna Johnson

At the heart of the Chianti region, it's obvious Flo kills the wine game. But what many people don't know is it has a poppin' night life for students from over 175 different programs. Here are my nine favorite spots to party at in Florence. 

1. Red Garter

Anna Johnson

Red Garter was the very first bar we went to as a group on our first night in Florence, so naturally it belongs first on this list. No covers and low-priced beer and shots were all a plus but above all karaoke. We ended many nights up on that stage or singing along below. Enjoy that photo of me belting out lyrics to JT with my gals. 

2. Green Street Bar

While abroad, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Barcelona, literally my favorite place on earth. But even though I tried at least eight different sangrias in Spain, this bar in Flo took the win for the best sangria ever. And at 4€ a (tall) glass, who would argue? 

Although small on the inside, Green St. Bar had other killer drinks, drink specials, and a fun atmosphere that made me feel like I was at a bar back in Cola. 

3. Lion's Fountain

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This is my group of best friends I met abroad on our very last night, inside our fave bar. We always felt right at home in LF, surrounded by hundreds of study abroad students. They even have a special on Mondays where you can pay with American dollars (the exchange rate made that great for students). 

4. Kikuya

Anna Johnson

Another one of my absolute favorite places. Their drinks are amazing, and you get a free lollipop with every drink. Defintely order the Sexy Motherf**ker—you won't be disappointed. 

5. I'Margaritaio

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If those margs pictured aren't enough to convince you to visit this place, get your eyes checked. They taste as good as they look, with over 17 flavors to offer, frozen or iced, and yummy appetizers, to boot. This underground gem was a major favorite. Definitely order a raspberry or pineapple frozen margarita. Happy hour specials are only 4€ a drink. 

6. Naima

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Anna Johnson

Our group discovered Naima late in our trip but we certainly made up for lost time. This bar is covered in American college shirts and flags. Besides the awesome specials and drink quality (order the Gasoline drink), the bartenders and owner, Sergio, make students feel nothing but welcome here. 

7. Space

In Florence, it's custom to start out at a smaller local bar and make your way to the clubs. Space was one of the biggest clubs in town. They have a variety of guests from locals to study abroad students. Although on the pricier side, your cover cost (10€) comes with a free drink! The atmosphere is worth it though, as it's completely covered in LED lights and that VIP sections have fire sparklers. 

8. Yab

Yab is very similar to Space in prices, but it's actually completely underground. Although there's a 10€ cover, the music and atmosphere makes it all worth it and ending the night very difficult. 

9. Shot Cafe

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Shot Cafe was one of my abroad roomie's favorite spots. With 10€ pitchers and over 40 shots to choose from, why would anyone say no? 

If you're even debating visiting Florence, stop now and go. This experience was one in a lifetime, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Have a drink for me!