TCHO chocolate is the future of the chocolate industry. With their slogan "better bean to better bar," the chocolate company strives to make the best chocolate in the world through a process that makes the world a better place. Through the fair treatment of growers and the ethical sourcing of cacao beans, TCHO is changing the world of chocolate production and consumption through their deliciously unique flavors and fair-trade chocolate bars!

The company addressed three critical issues in the production of chocolate: 1) the fact that most cacao farmers have never tasted chocolate, and even fewer have tasted chocolate made from their cacao beans; 2) most cacao farmers aren’t paid enough to make a decent living nor can invest in their cacao crops and processes, and 3) that there is a lack of tools in production and knowledge about how to produce the best quality of cacao. 

Thus TCHO created TCHO Source, a one-of-a-kind program that addresses these issues in understanding. They partner with cacao farmers, cooperatives, and cocoa research institutes around the globe, with the goal of producing the best cacao beans possible. TCHO Source helps supply the tools and training needed so that growers can become experts at both flavor analysis and cacao production while earning a livable wage. TCHO Source is made up of 3 components: flavor labs (which allow farmers to taste chocolate made from their beans), improved infrastructure, and sensory analysis (which train farmers to detect the nuances between specific flavors among varying beans). Also, all of TCHO chocolate is fair trade certified to ensure the fair treatment of every person involved in the process of creating their chocolate, thus improving the world as a whole.

The primary factor that distinguishes TCHO, however, from other fair trade chocolate companies is that their focus is on flavor, rather than the percentage of cacao in each bar. TCHO developed a flavor wheel in 2008, with cacao beans sourced from different regions of the world that highlight each of the natural flavors present in the beans. Such flavors include chocolatey from Ghana, fruity from Peru, bright from Madagascar, and nutty from Ecuador.

So, with that, we taste tested and ranked all the currently produced flavors of TCHO chocolate and here's what we thought!

14. Aged Earl Grey

With a cacao content of 53%, there are floral undertones to the chocolate and a kind of earthy feel. The third chocolate released in TCHO's makers series is sure to please those that enjoy different tasting chocolate that is unlike most other flavors of chocolate!

13. Strawberry Cream + Nib

This chocolate looked like a piece of strawberry shortcake and is composed of pink chocolate with cocoa nibs; this chocolate has a cacao content of 31% and is reminiscent of a strawberry smoothie with a deliciously sweet, earthy crunch!

12. Hazelnut Chunk

With whole hazelnuts embedded in the chocolate and a 53% cacao content, this chocolate is to be enjoyed by a genuine hazelnut lover, as there seem to be more hazelnuts per bar than there is chocolate.

11. Mint Chip Gelato

With a 64% cacao content, this chocolate tastes reminiscent of a peppermint pattie but with none of the mint cream that pours out of the center, sadly. With a refreshing taste of mint, this chocolate would be delicious in the springtime or for anyone needing a refreshing bite of chocolate!

10. Coconut Crisp

With a 64% cacao content, you can taste the thick texture of the pieces of coconut and its inherent nuttiness. The dark chocolate provides a stark contrast to the coconut creating a bitter and fruity taste.

9. Dark Chocolate

Composed of 70% cacao this chocolate is a classic, rich dark chocolate. With a bitter lingering taste, this dark chocolate melts on your tongue is exactly what you would expect from high-quality dark chocolate. 

8. Milk Chocolate

This chocolate has a 39% cacao content and is reminiscent of a Hershey kiss, bringing us back to childhood. This simple yet delicious chocolate will leave you salivating and wanting to eat the rest of the bar yourself! 

7. Orange + Toffee 

I must admit that I was hesitant to try this chocolate initially, as orange and toffee are not two flavors that I usually associate with each other. However, we taste tasters were pleasantly surprised! The toffee was very subtle in this chocolate, and the zesty citrus notes of the orange outshined the 64% cacao content of the chocolate bar. The orange was very zesty and refreshing to the palate. Overall, the bar had a nice crunch and summery feel.

6. Milk Chocolate

This chocolate is a little bit less creamy than their other milk chocolate. With 53% cacao, it is milk chocolate for people who enjoy dark chocolate and has strong nutty notes and a slightly bitter aftertaste. Overall, it was chocolate that appealed to people who starkly favor milk or are partial dark chocolate alike, making it indeed a delicious surprise to the palate.

5. Almond + Sea Salt 

The saltiness and the crunch of the almond and the sea salt provide a delicious texture with floral notes and forest flavors, making it a great blend of salty and sweet overall. With 64% cacao content the bitterness of the dark chocolate is a nice balance to the saltiness and crunch of the almond.

4. Extra Dark

With a cacao content of 81%, this chocolate is rich and creamy and sweet all at once. One of the best dark chocolates we have ever tasted by far.

3. Mokaccino

With a 44% Cacao, this chocolate tastes like a mocha latte with an incredibly creamy texture and strong notes of coffee. You could drink this chocolate alongside your breakfast.

2. Toffee + Sea Salt

Comprised of 53% cacao this chocolate has salty and sweet notes and a delicious crunch. The sweetness of the toffee and the perfect amount of saltiness from the pieces of sea salt provide a mouthwatering balance to the creamy cacao and melt on the tongue with every creamy yet crunchy bite.

1. Triple Berry

When I first saw this chocolate, as a person who usually doesn't like fruit in my chocolate, I was slightly hesitant to taste this chocolate. I was more than wrong. Out of the ten people I taste tested the TCHO chocolates with, 10/10 ranked this as their favorite. All of us would recommend this chocolate with a 64% cacao content, with real pieces of berries in it that provide a sweet and tart flavor to the rich and creamy taste of the dark chocolate. The best and most exciting chocolate by far.

TCHO is the future of chocolate with their sustainable growing techniques and fair-trade production practices. For all of us chocolate addicts who love to eat the best quality and most interesting new flavored chocolates, TCHO is indeed for us, with flavors that coincide perfectly with our every mood--especially when we're feeling like eating something delicious and helping the world!