1. You need chocolate with every meal.

chocolate addicts

Photo by Katherine Carroll

Trust me, there are ways to incorporate chocolate into any meal. Check out this healthy chocolate shake, or these delicious chocolate pumpkin muffins. Yum!

2. Honestly, you need chocolate just to get through the day.

chocolate addicts

Photo by Parisa Soraya

Normal People= Coffee. Chocolate Addicts= Chocolate.

3. If there is chocolate right in front of you, you’re eating it. 

chocolate addicts

Photo by Vedika Luthra

What do you expect? For me to just look at it?

4. You get mini panic attacks when you realize that you finished all your chocolate.


Photo by Lauren Thiersch

Must. Buy. More. NOW.

5. You dream of chocolate tasting at the TCHO Chocolate Factory in San Francisco.

chocolate addicts

Photo by Sarah Joh

And perhaps paying a quick visit to the Ghiradelli Original Chocolate Factory afterwards?

6. Actually, you dream of becoming a chocolate tasting expert and eating chocolate all day.

chocolate addicts

Photo by Alice Zhou

Is that actually a job? Count me in.

7. Your favorite holidays are the ones that involve receiving lots of chocolate candies.

chocolate addicts

Photo by Rozina Fonyo

Chocolate is the #1 reason why you look forward to Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.

8. You like chocolate-flavored anything.

chocolate addicts

Photo by Julia Murphy

Ice cream, beer, protein powder, even toothpaste.

9. You like chocolate-covered anything.

chocolate addicts

Photo by Kirby Barth

Popcorn, bananas, nuts. You name it, and I’ll eat it.

10. You have spent countless hours trying to convince people that chocolate should be an official food group. 

chocolate addicts

Photo by Peter Yu

Seriously, chocolate is actually good for you. Check out the health benefits of chocolate here.

11. Basically, you are in a very serious relationship with chocolate and cannot imagine a world without it.

chocolate addicts

Photo by Lauren Kaplan

Chocolate makes the world a better place.

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