Once a year, Apple has their big event that talks about all new things that are coming from the company. Thus, this event is called the "Apple Event." Some major techie influencers there, such as iJustine, are die-hard Apple fans and could tell you more about all things Apple than most of the employees there.

Regardless of whether you're team Apple or not, there's still a high chance that you or someone that you know will be tuning into the "Apple Event," and here's how you should celebrate it while watching it with them. Don't forget to invite more friends if you can.

Before you start playing, here's what you're going to need:

whisky, soda, juice, beer, wine, ice, liquor, vodka, alcohol
Alex Frank

- Cups and glasses: Glasses are for wine, cups are for everything else

- A fridge or a cooler with lots of ice in it: The booze you purchased for this event can't go to waste during the event's occurring or when it's over. That's when these kitchen supplies come in handy.

- Booze: Whether it's wine, vodka, tequila, gin, or anything else, it's your choice as to what you want to drink. If you're in a rush, get it delivered using an app like Mini Bar or Drizly. Mini Bar offers $5 off for new users placing their first order, and you can get cash back for Drizly using E-Bates. You save time, money, and having to leave your apartment. 

If you plan everything out ahead of time, stock up in advance. Either make a plan with your friends as to who will get what, or send someone out to the store a few times and have everyone split the cost.

The Rules:

Take a sip:

Drinks, brunch, bottomless mimosa, drinking mimosa, Drinking, Mimosa, orange, juice
Jocelyn Hsu

- When someone says the word "Apple" or the name of any of Apple's devices.

- When the event starts.

Take a shot:

syrup, maple syrup, beer, liquor, wine, whisky, alcohol
Christin Urso

- When someone says "new" or "improved" or "updated" or "the best."

- When someone points to something that's on the Keynote. 

Chug when people are:

- Standing, cheering, clapping, or all of the above.

Double fist:

stout, alcohol, liquor, beer
Alex Frank

- When the event ends.

- When Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, is shown on the screen.

Repeat any of the above when:

alcohol, wine
Samantha Locker

- There's a break in the event. You've made it this far, and now's not the time to quit. Quitters never win and winners never quit.

- When something that has already been said is repeated. 

- The word "Samsung" is mentioned.

Refill when:

wine, beer
Kathryn Stouffer

- Your favorite Apple product is being discussed.

- When you think you can't make it through the next 10 minutes of the event.

- When your bottle is close to running out of booze.

- You're tired of hearing Tim Cook's voice.

Whether or not you enjoyed the Apple Event, at least you can say that you've made an effort to watch it. If you've missed this year's Apple Event, have no fear — there's always going to be another one next year.