It's the holiday season — aka the perfect time to eat, drink, and be merry. Maybe you start your day with a Turkey Trot or pick-up football game a la Friends, or perhaps you roll out of bed hungover after Thanksgiving Eve at your hometown bar. Maybe you’re planning out a menu and getting in some last-minute shopping or compiling family recipes. Regardless of how you start your holiday, Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving!) is a great opportunity to eat foods that seem to be reserved for Turkey Day (looking at you, green bean casserole), hang out with loved ones, and eat an obscene amount of pie.

For those of you who spend your Thanksgiving in the kitchen, we put together a the best Thanksgiving cooking playlist of cozy bops that’s perfect for mixing up cocktails, stirring the sides (stuffing supremacy), setting the table, or roasting a turkey. Take advantage of the autumnal ambience from the kitchen through the festivities with a playlist of new and old favorites. Now hit play and keep the good vibes going from the first sip of cider through the last bite of pie.

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Cooking Playlist