Ben & Jerry's + Gilmore Girls? Count me in. There is no better food to binge on than the one that the Gilmore girls love the most: ice cream. When it comes to ice cream, who doesn't think of Ben & Jerry's? So, let's dig in because here's what every season of Gilmore Girls would be as a Ben & Jerry's flavor. 

Season 1: Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz 

There's no better flavor to describe Gilmore Girls than this one right here. If there's one thing that Rory and Lorelai can't live without, it's definitely coffee. That's how all fans felt after watching this season. We fell in love with the show, and can't (and won't have to much longer) imagine our life without it. 

Season 2: Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Season 2 brings a darker side to the show. With Jess coming to town and Lorelai ending her relationship with Max, there's a lot of changing for this duo. With all this change going on, you know the girls want chocolate to get his through this tough time. And honestly, you're going to need some too. 

Season 3: Banana Split 

Rory is split between colleges - should she go to Harvard or should she go to Yale? Everyone plays a role in helping her make this decision, but the majority of the time she's stuck between the two places. Lorelai is preparing herself for Rory to leave her for the first time ever, the split might be too much to handle. 

Season 4: A Swirled of Difference 

Everything is changing in this season: Rory is away at college and Lorelai no longer has her daughter with her everyday. Even though these things are changing, their habits are still the same. 

Season 5: Cherry Garcia 

We're about to be introduced to another one of Rory's greatest boyfriends, so be prepared to join #TeamLogan. Most fans love this season for that reason, so what better flavor to describe this than one of Ben & Jerry's most popular flavors? 

Season 6: Chocolate Therapy

Everyone needs some therapy after watching this season and there's no better therapy than chocolate. Lorelai and Rory get into a big fight and don't talk. Rory drops out of Yale and moves in with her grandparents. Can't everyone just eat some Chocolate Therapy and be happy? 

Season 7: Hazed and Confused Core 

The name of this flavor says it all. Gilmore Girls fans are more than a little confused about what happened in this season. There's so many different things going on that its hard to keep straight. Eat Hazed and Confused while being hazed and confused during season 7.

If Gilmore Girls is your life, then you know just how important this is to your life. With so little time left before the revival, everything Gilmore Girls related is something to read. So grab your ice cream, your Netflix account and start watching!