I'm a reality TV fiend. Every Monday after work, I pour myself a nice glass of rosé and watch The Bachelorette to live vicariously through our southern queen Hannah B. However, with this season of The Bachelorette coming to an end, I needed to find another show to kill all my brain cells. That's when my roommate, Amanda, introduced me to Love Island, which might be an even crazier and more addictive dating reality show. If you don't know what Love Island is, hop onto CBS and Hulu stat. The best British export since One Direction, Love Island airs every weekday and features a group of twenty-something year-old hopefuls looking for, guess what, love. Along the way, new contestants are thrown into the mix and seek to find their own connection, kicking singles off the island in the process. The last couple standing wins $100,000. Love and money? Sounds like the dream to me. Unfortunately, I do not have the audacity to go on reality TV and be exposed like that 24/7, so the next best option is to watch the train wreck on my couch, drunk. Here's the ultimate Love Island USA season one drinking game for the hopeless (and tipsy!) romantic in all of us.

Take a sip when...

The couples go to bed.

Must be exhausting flirting, drinking, and tanning all day.

They’re trying to enjoy Fiji but the rain ruins paradise for them.

Satan works hard, but Mother Nature works harder.

A new person comes in and messes with the equilibrium.

We must protect Zac and Elizabeth at all costs. 

Take two sips when...

Caro switches who she’s interested in.

As Katy Perry once said, "You//change your mind//Like a girl//changes clothes."

One (or more!) of the couples is seen in the night cam making out and/or canoodling in bed.

This feels intrusive, but I can't stop watching.

A bad cover of a love ballad plays in the background.

I'm going to need more alcohol to be able to sit through this.

Take three sips when...

Zac and Weston’s bromance makes you believe in love again.

We stan men secure enough in their masculinity to sit that close together in a bathtub

A pointless challenge is announced.

Just another excuse to get them to kiss each other half-naked.

Someone screams, “I GOT A TEXT!”

I mean, same.

Take a shot when...

Cashel is seen donning a weird outfit.

Excuse me, sir. Why are you wearing overalls in ninety degree humid weather in Fiji?

Someone else wears Weston’s cowboy hat.

It's the equivalent to the salmon jacket from The Bachelorette.

One of the former islanders is referenced.

Reminiscing over simpler times when Mallory was just waiting for her John Mayer.

Bookmark this page so that you're prepared with the only Love Island USA season one drinking game that matters. I mean, the show airs every single weekday, so you won't have to be scouring the Internet and wasting time when you could be spending that time getting drunk. You can thank me later.

#SpoonTip: Please drink responsibly! Spoon University does not support underage drinking or binge drinking.