Ask anyone about food and you will reach the same conclusion: we, as humans, really do care about our food. Inevitably, along comes an abundance of food conversation starters with the biggest culinary debates at their core. It is almost impossible to agree on what the right answers are, but there is no harm in trying. Listed below are a few of the most popular questions - ask around and have fun with them!

1) Is a hot dog a sandwich?

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Sam Jesner

This may be the debate that the most people are familiar with. A stereotypical sandwich involves meats, cheeses, and other foods together between two slices of bread. A hot dog is meat and it's in between a bun, but there are issues. A hot dog more so has two sides of bread instead of a definitive top and bottom. On the other hand, those who oppose considering a hot dog a sandwich will ask those who support it being called a sandwich, "why is it not called a hot dog sandwich?" This results in a seemingly never-ending debate.

2) Do you pour the milk or cereal in first?

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Jocelyn Hsu

There has been recent debate over how to prepare the classic breakfast option: a bowl of cereal with milk. Those that pour the milk in first are deemed insane or weird. The more common (and normal) way to make cereal is to put the cereal in first, insuring the perfect cereal-to-milk ratio. End of discussion. If someone does choose to put the cereal in after the milk, it should only be when they are on their second helping.

3) Which is better: a center or corner piece of a brownie?

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Reed Erickson

Do you prefer gooey or crispy? That is one way to look at why one person may obnoxiously cut a center piece from freshly baked brownies and another may be more than delighted to settle for an edge. In my opinion, nothing beats a corner piece. If you disagree or need some convincing, read this persuasive argument.

4) Does pineapple belong on pizza?

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Jasmine Tang

Usually there is no argument about pizza toppings belonging on a pizza. Pepperoni? No problem. Extra cheese? Of course. Mushrooms? That's okay. But pineapple? Well that's a different story, as it either provokes an emphatic "yes", or an equally as emphatic "no" from pizza lovers alike. Some will think that Hawaiian pizza is the best type of pizza, while others will refuse to eat it.

5) Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla?

The more popular answer seems to be that chocolate is superior to vanilla, as chocolate is found in a wider variety of items. Deemed either a chocolate or vanilla person, each individual has their own opinion of what makes one flavor better than the other. Chocolate is more rich and substantial, while vanilla is sometimes sweeter and a warmer flavor. Neither of these are the wrong option, but beware that some people may hold stronger judgments. For example, those who choose vanilla may be considered boring or simple by those who consider themselves chocoholics. If you want to know what preferring vanilla really says about a person, you should check out this article.

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Jocelyn Hsu

Serving as the perfect questions to ask family and friends, food can just as easily separate us as unite us. Little do you know, for a foodie, these questions can make or break the relationship. My advice? Answer these questions wisely.