When you walk into a kitchen, and your mouth starts to water from the smell of brownies baking in the oven, that's when you know you're about to have a great day. Brownies are by far the best dessert ever created, and I can say this because I have been eating brownies since coming out of the womb, no exaggeration (OK maybe a little bit of exaggeration). My mom makes, without a doubt, the best brownies, and she always knows to save me the corner slice aka my favorite part of a brownie pan. The corner slice of brownies is just a delicious square of chocolaty goodness sent down from above.

Brownies are not only delicious, but they are also versatile. Case one, brownie batter. It's not a mistake that brownie batter is a flavor at almost any ice cream shop because it is the bomb. Case two, blondies. Shout out to my blonde friend Julia with whom I shared my first blondie. Case three, slutty brownies aka an Oreo, brownie, caramel, cookie explosion in your mouth that's so good, it should be illegal. If you still don't believe brownies are amazing, please see the photo below and try to understand why brownies are my reason for waking up every morning.

And yet, there is one debate in the brownie world that divides brownie lovers across the universe: Which brownie square is the best brownie square? Is it the soft middle, the slightly crunchy edge, or the real crunchy corner? I obviously love corner pieces, and I think everyone else should, too. This is an ode to all of my fellow corner brownie lovers who know these four reasons why the corner slice of brownies is the best. We know the truth, and you, the reader, will soon know the truth, too.

1. Texture

You need a little bit of crunch in your life. Brownies are by nature soft (unless you really over bake them), so having a couple edges thrown in there really balances out the texture composition. Corner pieces have the perfect ratio of two hard edges to two soft edges. 

2. Rareness

There are only four corner pieces in a pan, so therefore, corner brownies are the rarest brownies in the world. Diamonds are also rare. Coincidence? I think not.

3. Looks

Face it: With food, looks matter, and the corner slice of brownies have the "it" factor. They have a nice sharp, clean look, but they also know how to have a soft side. They look good at any angle.

4. Hipness

Dare to be different. Corner slices are by definition the edgiest brownie square. If you want to up your level of hip, just show up to the next party with a corner slice of brownie. They'll get it, and those that don't just can't keep up. 

So, the corner slice of a brownie is actually the best, and people need to know the truth. But if you still prefer the middle, then I don't care—more for me!