Bachelor Nation—rejoice. Mondays are bearable once again because the "Bachelorette" is on the air, and this season has already proven to be a treat. I mean, first of all, Becca's journey to find love has been a wild ride. The last Bachelor, Arie actually chose Becca to get down on one knee and propose to...until he changed his mind, and picked runner-up Lauren. And then, he proceeded to dump Becca on national television. Talk about harsh.

Plus, within the first couple of episodes, we've got chicken suits, a guy from Becca's past, and two potential villains. Honestly, what did we deserve to get such addicting TV drama?

Clearly, we're in for an interesting seven weeks, so to prep ourselves for whatever "The Bachelorette" has to throw at us, here's ultimate "Bachelorette" drinking game for Season 14. Hope you've got your wine opener; you'll need it.

Take a Sip When...

Jordan brings up the fact that he's a model.

Be thankful that it's just a sip.

Becca's Minnesotan accent comes out.


One of the contestants takes off his shirt.

Because you're obviously gonna be thirsty after seeing those washboard abs.

Chris Harrison gets screen time.

Like, I love the man... But what exactly does he do?

The camera pans over to a romantic, exotic, pristine landscape.

I'm just going to pretend that I'm in Switzerland with ya'll even though I'm sitting on my couch, in my pajamas.

Take Two Sips When...

Someone mentions "Becca's ex." 

Aka Arie, aka the worst "Bachelor" in history.

Someone asks, "Is he here for the right reasons?"

I don't know, are you here for the right reasons?

When Wills' reaction is GIF worthy. 

Protect Wills at all costs.

Romantic music starts playing.

That's a cue if I've ever heard one.

Former Bachelor Nation contestants show up.

Even though I was definitely #TeamPeter, you can't deny that Rachel and Bryan looked so cute and happy together.

Finish Your Drink When...

Becca kisses one of her guys for more than five seconds.

Who needs a significant other when you've got rosé, anyway?

Someone tries to make a pun using Becca's catchphrase "Let's do the damn thing."

It's catchy, until it's overdone.

The men yell "BECCAAAA!"

Yes, that is indeed her name.

One of the guys says that he's "in love with Becca."

Romance isn't dead after all!

Someone talks about their sobstory.

*cries and drowns tears with wine*

Take a Shot When...

A random celebrity guest makes a cameo on a date.

Lil Jon singing "Turn Down for What" as Becca and Blake smash remnants of her past is my summer mood.

The guys fight.

Another shot if medics show up.

Someone is sent home, and not during the rose ceremony.

Becca takes this process seriously, after all.

A two-on-one is announced.

Hopefully nobody gets left on an island this season.

The show ends on a cliffhanger.

If I hear "Next time, on the Bachelor..." one more time!

Bookmark this drinking game so that every Monday you're ready to kick back with your friends to watch the drama unfold, both on your TV screen and Twitter feed. You're guaranteed an interesting Monday evening every single time.

#SpoonTip: Please drink responsibly! Spoon University does not support underage drinking or binge drinking.