The first two weeks of college encompass a lot of new things: new classes, new people, and new sicknesses. It’s almost inevitable for students to get sick during the first few weeks of school because so much is happening at once. However, being sick at school is arguably a lot worse than when you're sick at home. It can be difficult to take care of yourself and still keep up with your busy schedule. So, to make you feel slightly better, here are my top five favorite foods to eat in Atlanta when I am sick.  

#1: The General Muir's Matzah Ball Soup 

Not only is this delicious deli within walking distance from campus, but their matzah ball soup is also unbeatable. The light and airy matzah ball is placed in a perfectly salted broth with carrots and herbs, providing you with the perfect warm and soothing bite. This soup is so good that it would make my Jewish grandmother proud. 

#2: King of Pops' Popsicles 

Whenever I have a sore throat, the first thing I crave is something cold, and what could be better than the Atlanta staple, King of Pops? With flavors ranging from fruity to chocolatey, these popsicles will not only soothe your throat but also satisfy your sweet tooth. 

#3: Buttermilk Kitchen's Biscuits 

There is nothing better than comfort food, and since we are in the South, the number one comfort food here is a nice warm biscuit. While I have had my fair share of biscuits, no biscuits will ever compare to the ones served at Buttermilk Kitchen. The biscuits come piping hot out of the oven and melt in your mouth. Pair the delectable biscuits with housemade jams, and I promise you that your sickness will disappear for a moment. 

#4: Ali’s Cookies' Chocolate Chip Cookies 

As someone with a huge sweet tooth, whenever I am sick (or really just any time), all I ever want is a warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie. There is no better place to get them from than Ali’s Cookies, right here in Emory Village. With the perfect balance of salty and sweet, this chocolate chip cookie from Ali’s Cookies will make you feel so much sweeter. 

#5: Starbucks' Medicine Ball Tea 

Although this may not be a food item, the medicine ball tea is my go-to drink when I have a sore throat. This tea is comprised of half steamed lemonade, half water, jade citrus mint tea, peach tea, and a packet of honey. While the number of flavors may seem overwhelming at first, there is nothing more comforting than a sip of this tea. 

While getting sick at school is never fun, these five food items will hopefully brighten up your day and make you feel a little better. Whether you are in the mood for something basic like the classic chicken matzah ball soup, something comforting like a warm biscuit, or something refreshing like a popsicle, this list has it all for you.