Tucked inside Emory Village, just a short walk from campus is every dessert lover's dream: Ali’s Cookies. Ali’s Cookies has a wide variety of cookie flavors ranging from classics like Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin to the more adventurous Apple Pie and German Chocolate Cookies. To help ease the tough decision of which cookie you should indulge in, I’m ranking my top five go-to picks. 

1. S’mores Cookie

The S’mores Cookie, or what my friends and I like to call the “smookie,” is my all-time favorite. Imagine your favorite campfire treat plus a warm chocolate chip cookie – combined, you have the perfect dessert. Stuffed with a full graham cracker, full pieces of a Hershey’s chocolate bar and loaded with perfectly toasted marshmallows, this cookie is hard to beat. The flavors blend perfectly together so that one does not outshine the other. If you are a s’mores lover or just a cookie lover in general, then this flavor is a must-try. 

 2. M&M Chocolate Chip Cookie

Don’t get me wrong, I love a regular old Chocolate Chip cookie, but sometimes I feel like the somewhat average cookie needs a little spice. Incoming: Ali’s Cookie’s M&M Chocolate Chip Cookie. Colorful, tasty and fun, these cookies add an extra level of deliciousness to your standard chocolate chip cookie. The M&M to cookie ratio is perfectly measured so that you get an M&M in with every bite you take. Can’t decide whether you want candy or a cookie for dessert? Have this cookie to satisfy both cravings. 

3. Chocolate Chunk Cookie

When I'm in the mood for something simple, I always go for the Chocolate Chunk Cookie. Ali’s does not disappoint when delivering a classic. With the perfect level of sweetness, this cookie will satisfy any sweet tooth. The cookie is moist and soft, and the flavors melt in your mouth. Pair this Chocolate Chunk cookie with a glass of milk and you will have the perfect – and most iconic – duo. 

4. Snickerdoodle

For those who do not like chocolate – although I will never personally understand you – the Snickerdoodle cookie is a must-try. This soft and chewy cookie combines the delicious flavors of cinnamon and sugar into one sweet and indulgent bite. A timeless classic will never disappoint, and will probably make you want to go back for a second. 

5. Double Chocolate Chunk

This cookie is a chocolate lover's dream. Rich and decadent but not overly sweet, the Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie is the best cookie for someone who loves all things chocolate. These cookies are very similar to brownies in their super fudgy nature. The edges of the cookies are crispy and the center is soft and gooey. These cookies are irresistible, and you will not be able to stop thinking of them. 

Ali’s Cookies has something for everyone: gluten-free, dairy-free, cookies cakes, ice cream and more! I hope that by sharing my top five favorite cookies, your decision on choosing which sweet treat to indulge in is a whole lot easier. Go try one (or all) of these cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth once and for all.