Are your Sundays lame AF?  Well, they don't have to be. Gaines Street is hosting a new festival called The Souk every Sunday that will add some more spice to your weekend before the dreaded Monday. From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Sunday, Gaines street will be loaded with vendors, music, and as always dope places to get brunch. And I mean who doesn't love a good brunch? 

The Deets

These were the deets from last Sunday's event. There are different local performers and events every Sunday. 


The day started off with a quick breakfast at Catalina Cafe. I kept it simple and ordered my go-to breakfast food a bacon egg and cheese sandwich (not pictured). If you're looking for your coffee fix you can never go wrong there. Disappointment did ensue when I discovered The Wilbury, a bar down the street, had a full brunch menu which will definitely bring me back next week. Some notable items include pancakes made from scratch, fried green tomatoes BLT bites, and Lucky Goat Irish coffee. 

The Vendors

After Catalina Cafe it was time to check out some vendors. Tallahassee locals were spread along Gaines street with their art, jewelry, poetry, and baked good. The people were very nice and all welcomed you to their stands. I talked to some artists, and even got a special spoken word performance from a local poet. It is also free to participate so if you are looking for an outlet to sell some merchandise I would definitely check this out! 

Live Music

coffee, beer, wine
Kelsey Healey

Next, it was one of my favorite parts, the live music. The Souk showcases local live music at The Wilbury and on select weekends they will have a second stage at the Garages on Gaines. Tallahassee is definitely home to some hidden musical talent. I saw four musical performances and was in awe of how good each one was. The music created a great atmosphere for a relaxed, but very exciting Sunday afternoon. You can find the line-up for the next Sunday on their Facebook page.

Snack Time

burrito, chicken
Kelsey Healey

It was then time for a snack, so I took a two-minute walk down to Kubano!, the famous Tallahassee Cuban food truck. I ordered a pan con pollo and got my food in five minutes and it was back to The Wilbury for more live music. My friend and I split the sandwich that consisted of chicken, onions, muenster cheese, and cilantro. As a cilantro lover, it was probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. 

All in all this was only the second week of The Souk and it was still popping off, and it's only gonna grow. If you want to have a notable Sunday instead of lying in bed procrastinating your homework GO to Gaines Street and check it out. I had a great time and I will definitely be back. Ten out of Ten.