If we’re being honest with ourselves there’s nothing a college student appreciates more than having their parents visit. It seems like they always come at the right time: as soon as you run out of money or groceries, had a terrible week of papers or tests, or sometimes both.. Either way, it’s been a while since you’ve eaten something good and your parents want to take you out to eat. Don’t just bring them to the closest chain restaurant. Next time they visit, show your parents you know what you’re doing and take them somewhere they’ll love.

1. Brunch: Avenue Eat & Drink


Photo courtesy of Avenue Eat & Drink from Facebook.com

There’s nothing Tallahassee loves more than brunch. Every Sunday dozens of restaurants offer their own twist on scrambled eggs and a Bloody Mary, but this Sunday afternoon choose wisely. Avenue Eat and Drink in historic downtown is the perfect spot for a classy-yet-casual brunch. The menu has everything from classic omelets to pound cake French toast, and their Big Louie Bloody Mary, which features a jumbo pork rib, is sure to impress any Dad.

2. Lunch: Wells Brothers Bar and Grill


Photo courtesy of Wells Brothers Bar and Grill from Facebook.com

Some parents who visit Tallahassee are just as excited about reliving their college days as they are about visiting you. If this sounds like your parents, then you need to take them to one of the longest-running joints near campus. With a burger in one hand and a cup of beer in the other, they’ll feel right at home – especially on game days.

3. Lunch: Kubano!


Photo courtesy of Kubano from Eatkubano.com

Tallahassee’s food truck scene usually goes overlooked by most visitors. Let your parents in on the secret by taking them to Kubano! Their Cuban-inspired sandwiches are piled high with meats and cheese – perfect for sitting outside at a picnic table and people watching on Railroad Avenue.

4. Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner: Kool Beanz Café


Photo courtesy of Kool Beanz from Facebook.com

The artsy vibe of Kool Beanz may fool you into thinking its all fun and games, but they take their food seriously here. Each dish is more unique than the next and is always served with a combination of fresh vegetables. This restaurant is the best of both worlds: it has the casual setting of your favorite coffee shop with the gourmet menu of a top quality restaurant.

5. Lunch or Dinner: Momo’s


Photo courtesy of Momo’s from momospizza.com

For 17 years Momo’s has been gracing Tallahassee with its award-winning pizza. The atmosphere makes it a classic college town gem that your parents will love, and the slices are bigger than your face. When you’re looking for somewhere to bring your family on a game day, don’t forget it’s just a short walk away from the stadium.

6. Dinner: Azu Lucy Ho’s


Photo by Robert Wehrli

Taking your family to an Asian restaurant in Tallahassee may sound unconventional to them, but every FSU student knows that nobody loves sushi like we do. Although, Lucy Ho’s is more than just sushi. The menu offers a wide range of Chinese and Japanese dishes that will all make you drool. I would know because my parents make sure to eat there at least once every time they visit.

7. Dinner: Nefetari’s


Photo by Haley Greco

If you’re looking for somewhere unique to eat, Nefetari’s is a prime example of Tallahassee’s diverse food scene. The menu comes from a range of international influences which guarantees that you’ll find things here that aren’t offered anywhere else, and all of the ingredients are farm-to-table so the food is always fresh and flavorful. The jazzy atmosphere is the perfect setting for a nice family dinner.