Utensils are great and all, but sometimes they can be a hassle. While there is a great group of foods that will allow you to eat a utensil-free meal, the fact of the matter is that some are just better than others. Luckily for you, I've mapped out which edible food holders are the best,  which are the worst, and why.

6. Hot Dog/Hamburger Buns

bun, bread, sandwich, tomato, cheese, meat, ketchup, lettuce, beef, bacon
Elyse Belarge

Hot dog and hamburger buns being on this list is like everyone getting a participation trophy in second grade. At least they tried.

Pros: They're great at keeping your hands from smelling like meat and covered in condiments. But that's about it.

Cons: Hot dog and hamburger buns are not as versatile as the other foods on this list and they can get soggy very easily. They're one-trick ponies and aren't typically very flavorful, which is why they're deserving of the last spot on this list.

5. Lettuce Wraps

lettuce, salad, vegetable, chicken, meat
Jackie Kuczynski

One step up from a boring bun, lettuce wraps are a health nut's best friend.

Pros: Lettuce wraps are perfect for anyone looking to cut calories. They add only about five calories per leaf and a nice crunch to your meal as well.  

Cons: While lettuce wraps add nice texture, they don't add much flavor and aren't as convenient as the next item on the list because they don't fully contain the food, which then requires a plate.

4. Bread Bowls

sweet, bread, candy, dairy product, chocolate
Elyse Belarge

Looking to carbo-load? There's nothing better for that than a bread bowl.

Pros: When cozying up to a nice bowl of soup, what could be better than dipping it in some yummy bread? Nothing, right? Oh, wait. Putting the soup in the bread, which not only makes for a fun eating experience, but means there's one less bowl for you to clean.

Cons: This isn't a great option for anyone looking to cut calories, considering a bread bowl from Panera can add a whopping 660 calories to your meal. 

3. Pita Pockets

cucumber, zucchini
Abigail Wilkins

Pita pockets are the perfect combo between lettuce wraps and buns.

Pros: Just like many of the other options on this list, pita pockets are extremely versatile. They can be an amazing part of a meal, like these chicken cucumber pita pockets. They're also a generally healthy option which doesn't hurt either.

Cons: It takes serious skill to open up a fresh pita pocket. One wrong move, and the whole thing can rip which defeats the whole purpose of an edible food holder.  

2. Ice Cream Cones

cream, sweet, chocolate, wafer, goody, ice, waffle, relish, candy
Olivia Benjamin

The truth hurts, but if you choose to eat your ice cream out of a cup instead of a cone, everyone is definitely judging you.

Pros: There are SO many options when it comes to ice cream cones. From waffle and sugar cones to cinnamon roll and cereal-covered cones, you can dress an ice cream cone up or down as much as your heart desires.

Cons: There must be a reason why such a delicious food with so many options isn't ranked at the top. That's because ice cream cones have one downfall. They don't fully contain the food and can lead to sticky hands which are actually the WOAT (worst of all time).  

1. Tortillas

tacos, chili, nachos, chicken
Christin Urso

Plain and simple, tortillas are the best edible food holder out there. 

Pros: The types of food it can hold are endless. Burritos, wraps, quesadillas, the list goes on and on. They can even be used to make pizzas, tortilla chips, or even shot glasses. Basically, tortillas are the Swiss-Army knives of food and are worthy of the top spot on the list.

Cons: I can't even think of any cons for tortillas, they're just that perfect.  

So the next time you're looking for a utensil-free meal, consider this list when making your decision.