It's almost St. Patrick's Day! How are you celebrating? My recommendation is to drink wine from Portugal's Vinho Verde region! Vinho Verde literally means "green wine" in Portuguese, and what better day to drink "green wine" than St. Patrick's Day?

Is the Wine Actually Green?

No, Vinho Verde is not literally green; rather, the name Vinho Verde represents a winemaking region in the Duoro Valley of Portugal, most famous for its white wines (and some rosés and red wines too!).

What Grapes are in Vinho Verde Wines?

Vinho Verde is typically a blend of local Portuguese grape varieties, but the most famous is Alvarinho (Albariño in Spain). This white wine is typically low in alcohol, high in acidity, and slightly fizzy. This fizz comes from the addition of a little bit of carbon dioxide to the wine, which is why Vine Pair calls it "soda pop for adults." When drinking this wine, you should typically expect flavor notes of grapefruit, lime, apple, and lemon. 

What Food Pairs Well With This Wine?

Vinho Verde pairs perfectly with fish dishes, so honor the Irish on St. Patrick's Day with fish and chips alongside your delicious Vinho Verde wine! You can also enjoy this wine with traditional St. Patrick's Day foods like corned beef and cabbage or soda bread, all of which will be delicious!

Celebration Preparation

Be sure to pick up your bottle of Vinho Verde before this Sunday! This wine is not usually aged long since producers often ship it to stores shortly after bottling, and you should find it at your local grocery store, wine shop, or even online. The average Vinho Verde bottle retails for about $10, according to Vine Pair, with the fanciest versions, such as biodynamic, organic, or single-varietal wines, costing no more than $20. 

This St. Patrick's Day, try something new to celebrate! Open a bottle of wine from Vinho Verde. Cheers!