When most people think of wine, they think of rosé, white or red wines. But what about orange wine? It's not made from oranges or even orange grapes, but it certainly does have an orange color! So how is orange wine made?

How It's Made

Orange wine is made using white grapes, but the skin and the seeds of the grapes are left touching the juice during fermentation, which then infuses the juice with a beautiful orange color. This process is typically used for red and sometimes rosé wines, but it is very rare for white wines!

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What Does It Taste Like?

Because white wine has longer contact time with the skin and the seeds, it will have a larger amount of tannins, which contribute to a bitter taste and a dry feeling in your mouth. Tannins are also found in coffee and tea! Orange wine is usually sour with flavors of peach, tea, honey and nuts. 

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What Countries Produce Orange Wine?

Many countries produce orange wine! Italy, Slovenia, the United States, Australia, France, South Africa, Croatia, Greece and Austria all host orange winemakers, each using local grape varieties to make their own version of this drink.

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What Food Should I Eat With Orange Wine?

Orange wine is intriguing because it is both a white wine and a tannin-rich wine, so it pairs well with a plethora of foods. You can enjoy your orange wine alongside red or white meats, and you can pair it with any food that has a strong spicy or nutty flavor. According to Madeline Puckett, certified wine sommelier and the founder of wine education brand Wine Folly, orange wine pairs nicely with Indian or Thai curry dishes, Moroccan foods, Ethiopian dishes, Korean meals like Bibimbap (featuring fermented kimchi) and traditional Japanese cuisine.

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Next time you want to try something new, open a bottle of orange wine! You might just fall in love with its unique flavor combinations and stunning orange color!