Being constantly surrounded by the same dining options on campus naturally creates a desire to go out and try something new. However, with all the great places in Durham, both popular and off the beaten path, it's not always easy to know where to start. Here is a simple solution- a guide of great spots to try for all kinds of personalities if you need a little inspiration to dive into the Durham food scene!

The Jock—Heavenly Buffaloes

Three phrases come to mind that make Heav Buffs attractive to our star athletes: Many wings. Pretty cheap. Arriving fast. The tremendous appetites characteristic of those that feel most at home on the field, court, or track are well-suited to the Heav Buffs culture and menu, as their wings and fries are a ~heavenly~ way to refuel after a particularly tough practice.

The Cosmopolitan—Counting House

Even high-class tastes of the citizens of the world will be satisfied by Counting House’s adventurous and innovative menu. With a whole “Taste” section devoted just to particularly unusual dishes, this sophisticated dining experience can wow those who have seen it all. The restaurant is also located in the 21c Museum Hotel, which adds to its appeal for people who are most comfortable with a suitcase in hand surrounded by fellow travelers.

The Romantic—Vin Rouge

The classic French atmosphere and menu at Vin Rouge will make a Romantic feel like they are nestled in a cozy Parisian cafe, waiting for their love to come strolling down the sidewalk. Whether enjoying French toast and a café latte for brunch or the poisson du jour for dinner, those seeking out a meal to daydream over are sure to feel at home at Vin Rouge.

The Hipster—Cocoa Cinnamon

Cocoa Cinnamon offers something that has become essential in the millennial world: the trendy coffee shop vibe. There is no shortage of flannels, creative artisanal beverages, or chats about indie bands and how their old stuff is always better. Anyone with a caffeine fix who appreciates an eclectic aesthetic is sure to love Cocoa Cinnamon. You could even make it a personal goal to visit at all three location, the newest of which has adopted an innovative and expanded menu!

The Prep—Dame’s Chicken and Waffles

The classic, Southern style of a prep is complemented well by the classic, Southern style of Dame’s most famous dish—chicken & waffles. Offering all sorts of variations on this combination, Dame’s is sure to have a comfort food to please everyone, while especially those with an affinity for both style and sustenance that stand the test of time.

The Health Star—Happy + Hale

Maggie Finney

There’s nothing like a protein-packed smoothie, cold-pressed juice, or a superfood-filled salad to wow that person who seems to always be coming from or headed to the gym. While a bit pricey for the average college student, Happy + Hale is the perfect place for someone who loves to treat themselves for taking no days off.

#Spoon tip: Check out a class at the on-site yoga studio to really boost your health star status!

The Artist—Nasher Café

What is a better way for an artist to feel at home than dining at an art museum? This quaint, classy café is located right on Duke’s Campus at the Nasher Museum of Art. It features many local and seasonal menu items and has a killer weekend brunch. A trip for the true artist wouldn’t be complete without exploring the galleries after enjoying a delicious meal on the patio!

The Environmentalist—The Refectory Café

The Refectory Cafe’s farm-to-table style and focus on social and environmental sustainability is perfect for someone concerned about the impact that their food has on the natural world. Also, the Refectory Cafe offers many vegetarian and vegan options, which not only reduce environmental impact but are delicious, too. 

Maybe the next time you've had the last Marketplace dinner or ABP bagel that you can stand, you'll be able to venture out to a new destination that fits who you are and what you love to eat!