The votes are in and after a week of the #VoteForGlaze campaign, America has decided that Krispy Kreme's new glaze flavor will be... lemon! Krispy Kreme lemon doughnuts were announced as the newest flavor on their social media accounts last week.

Fans should expect to get their hands on it some time this spring, but here's everything you need to know about these babies. 

All The Deets

On Jan. 16, Krispy Kreme launched the #voteforglaze campaign that allowed people to vote for the newest flavor of glazed doughnuts that Krispy Kreme is going to launch this spring. This is the fourth time the doughnut chain has had this campaign and, once again, it was a success.

Voters had a choice to choose between four different flavors including blueberry, caramel, lemon and maple. After millions of votes, the nation decided, and the newest Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut flavor is lemon.

The Lemony Goodness

So far the reaction to this new flavor has been mixed. While some fans are tweeting about their excitement, others are expressing their disappointment. One doughnut connoisseur even wrote to Krispy Kreme expressing her heart break and asking for them to send her doughnuts to help ease the pain. Like I said, the new flavor is set to launch this spring, so I would keep an eye out on social media to see what the public has to say and for its official launch date.

This Ain't Their First Rodeo

In the past,  #VoteForGlaze has led to some of Krispy Kreme's most creative flavors, including turning the classic glaze green for St. Patrick's Day, "eclipsing" the glaze in dark chocolate for the solar eclipse, pumpkin, and warm gingerbread molasses for the holiday season.

If you can't wait until the spring to try a special doughnut, check out Krispy Kreme's new Valentine's Day doughnuts. These babies are perfect for a Galentine's celebration or sitting home alone (not even going to acknowledge the original purpose of this holiday). 

So will you be trying this Krispy Kreme lemon glaze in the spring, or will you stick with good old-fashioned glazed doughnut? If you can't decide, you can follow my lead and get a full dozen doughnuts—half OG and half lemon goodness.