In the sweet months of autumn, no longer do we pine after cinnamon brooms and butternut squash soup. It is the age of millennial monsters and our obsessive qualities, and we've chosen to fixate on one thing and one thing only: pumpkin spice.  

Well, now your prayers (or your high carb nightmares) have been answered. Krispy Kreme is unveiling its limited edition donut only for the month of October — the pumpkin spice glazed doughnut. 

Here's the catch

In honor of all things autumn, Krispy Kreme decided to bring back the pumpkin spice doughnut — only to tell its biggest fans that the doughnut will be featured just 3 days of the month. The first was Friday the 13th, the second will be Friday the 20th, and the third will be Thursday the 26th. 

There have been a lot of questions about the last day being a Thursday, but this doughnut shop knows what it's doing. Thursday, October 26, is National Pumpkin Day — aka the 3rd time Krispy Kreme will be offering the doughnut.

What's next?

Once the pumpkin spice craze is over, we'll still be begging for more deals and doughnuts. Luckily, Krispy Kreme is always creating new flavors and designs for the doughnuts. For the rest of the month you can find fun Halloween doughnuts at most locations, but the celebrating won't stop there: most holidays earn their turn in the spotlight with uniquely decorated doughnuts at Krispy Kreme.

The deals don't stop either. If you're a part of the rewards program, you'll get a free doughnut for your birthday. National Doughnut Day is a while away, but come June 2nd, you'll find lines wrapped around every Krispy Kreme for a free doughnut!