Nothing brought on more food-envy than staring at my friend's Lunchables in elementary school while I ate my soggy PB&J. No shade at any other cafeteria offering, but Lunchables were, are, and will forever be the GOAT. And now, they're releasing new Lunchables that are Halloween-themed. I'm dying at all the flavor combos that resemble my elementary snacking days. 

The Halloween Lunchables are basically Dunkaroos on spooky steroids, and they come in three flavors: S'mores Dippers, Dirt Cake, and Cookie Dunks.

The Dirt Cake option is bringing me the most serious nostalgia because it comes with legit gummy worms, but the S'mores Dippers and Cookie Dunks are also tempting with the additions of marshmallow creme and sprinkles. 

These babies were spotted by @thejunkfoodaisle yesterday, and my inner child is going wild rn. I love the Halloween themed wrapping almost as much as the wickedly sweet flavors. 

I am genuinely dying to try these spooky treats. If anyone wants to be my best friend and bring these new Lunchables to me, I'm gonna be in the library until Halloween (RIP me).