Nostalgia is in full force. With the return of so many '90s classics like Crystal Pepsi and Nickelodeon's old '90s lineup, it's easy to fall into old habits. And for many, none are easier than Lunchables for lunch. Your typical lunch favorites like hot dogs and pizza in the form of minis like Pizza and Treatza made everything way easier to prep. But with the return of Pizza and Treatza, how does it rank against the tried and true Lunchables flavors that have remained on the shelves all these years? We read the reviews of an expert, and with all do respect, we prefer our opinion to his.

8. Lunchables Breakfast Waffle & Bacon Dippers

What's in it? Waffle sticks, syrup, bacon bits

This is basically brunch in a box. Who can say no to that? The syrupy brunch staple comes in miniature form and will delight even the pickiest of eaters. But since it's technically breakfast, we wouldn't feel right saying it's our favorite lunch. Plus, there's a better breakfast option in the line-up IMHO.

7. Lunchables Kabbobbles

What's in it? Pretzel sticks, pepperoni slices or chicken nuggets, American cheese, Hershey bar, Kool-aid Jammers.

Flavor-wise, these aren't at the top (although, still tasty), but they're definitely fun to build. It's like that old Lego alternative you used to play with, but you can eat it too!

6. Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs

What's in it? Two mini hot dogs, two mini buns, Hershey bar, ketchup, mustard, Capri Sun

Any hot dogs you have to microwave makes it a bit harder to swallow, so while I'm told they're surprisingly tasty for microwavable franks, these lose a point or two in the flavor department.

5. Lunchables Turkey & American Cracker Stackers

What's in it? Crackers, turkey slices, American cheese, Reese's peanut butter cup, Capri Sun

Sometimes you just need a good lunchtime staple like a turkey sandwich. The American cheese element lets you mix them together or gives you an extra choice of choosing between either a turkey sandwich or cheese sandwich. More choices, more fun!

4. Lunchables Nacho, Cheese Dip & Salsa

What's in it? Tiny tortilla chips, nacho cheese dip, salsa, Kit-Kat, Capri Sun

Any excuse to eat nachos is a good one to me. While it may be missing some of our favorite element (guac anyone?), it's got the most basic elements nachos need: chips, cheese, and salsa.

3. Lunchables Breakfast Bacon & Pancake Dippers

What's in it? Pancakes, syrup, bacon

I've always been partial to pancakes over waffles and these syrupy delights, although also technically a breakfast food like the waffles, just lighten up lunchtime. Sometimes you just want a short stack, no matter how short.

2. Lunchables Duo Dunkers

What's in it? Chicken nuggets, ketchup, Honey Graham sticks, chocolate marshmallow cream, Capri Sun

Another two-in-one meal, no one can resist chicken nuggets for lunch. And the honey graham dippers with chocolate marshmallow cream just make us think of endless summer. So basically it's a fast food staple combined with classic dessert. There's only one option better.

1. Lunchables Pizza and Treatza

What's in it? Pizza crust, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, chocolate flavored frosting, candy coated chocolate chips, Capri Sun

There's a reason they brought this baby back from the grave. Pizza is heavily featured in the Lunchables round-up for a reason, and the added chocolate treat with M&M-like topping is basically the dessert version.

Check out your favorite old-new treat and other Lunchable options, and let yourself feel like a kid again, at least during your half hour lunch break.

#SpoonTip: If your adult-self is more Whole Foods and organic conscious now, they've even got some organic options for you