Thanksgiving is supposed to be celebrated by being thankful and pouring some out for the homies (pilgrims) who got this who tradition started. Instead, I usually find myself with a heaping plate of American comfort foods that I only have once a year while everyone crowds around the TV to watch football.

My family tends to make the same things every year using the same recipes. If it ain't broke, don't fix it—right? My mom always locks down the mashed potatoes and my older sister is the queen of turkey roasting. With that being said, I always see so many awesome recipes for popular Thanksgiving foods online. But what recipes do Americans google the most for Thanksgiving? 

The Obvious: "How do you cook a turkey?"

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Helena Lin

It's not a shocker that turkey is the most searched for Thanksgiving recipe question. Notice I say recipe question. Google Trends has multiple sections on searches related to Thanksgiving and "turkey" is the most repeated Thanksgiving question.

Other turkey-related questions people have include "how to make turkey gravy", "how much turkey to cook per person", "how long to cook a turkey", and even specific cooking types like "how to roast, smoke and grill it."

Turkey is the main event at the Thanksgiving table, partly because the U.S.A loves meat, but also because there are so many awesome ways to make it.

"How do you make stuffing for Thanksgiving?"

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Helena Lin

Oh, stuffing. Most people are either die hard fans or won't even look at the stuff—get it? So, how do you make stuffing for Thanksgiving?

Some would argue you follow some box instructions, bake it, and toss it in the trash. It looks like other people want an actual recipe though because it's the "top searched Thanksgiving recipe."

"Sweet Potato Recipe"

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Hui Lin

I know Turkey is a very important part of the Thanksgiving meal but I have a huge sweet tooth so my favorite part is actually when we have sweet potatoes. My family loves it so much we have a separate course between dinner and dessert just for this casserole. It's no wonder everyone is searching for this recipe.

The Questionable: "How to boil eggs"

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Justin Shannin 

I have nothing against hard-boiled eggs. Honestly, I think they're a great snack with just a little salt and pepper. But for Thanksgiving? Is there some super popular recipe that I don't know about which requires hard-boiled eggs?

It's also one of the top searched Thanksgiving "how to" articles as well. Luckily, we made this video to show you how it's done. 

"How to cook spaghetti squash"

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Emma Delaney

Spaghetti squash has a place in my meal prep but not on my Thanksgiving table. I typically use this squash as a pasta replacement or a veggie add-in but for this holiday, why not make roasted veggies or an all-American casserole?

I guess it's nice to know there are some people who are trying to make healthy dishes on turkey day. And they aren't afraid to google it.

So whether you are hosting your first Thanksgiving or just want to contribute a dish, you can take comfort in knowing everyone else is probably Googling the same things.