Oreo lovers rejoice! On January 30th, Oreo’s new flavor will hit the shelves, and it’s sure to make any Oreo aficionado sprint to their local grocery store. Aptly named “The Most Oreo Oreo,” this carefully crafted cookie contains a “Most Stuf”-level of filling mixed with crushed Oreo pieces. It's got more creme than Double Stuf, if you can even imagine. It’s pure Oreo on Oreo goodness.

As if the flavor wasn’t playful enough, Oreo has seized the opportunity to launch its own metaverse alongside its new meta flavor. Each package of The Most Oreo Oreo will come equipped with a QR code that customers can scan in order to enter the Oreoverse. There, Oreo lovers will be able to play a variety of cookie-themed games for a chance to win prizes, including a $50,000 grand prize.

To help users dunk into this new cookie-filled experience, Oreo has enlisted the help of culinary icon Martha Stewart. On January 30th, Stewart and her good friend and gardener, Ryan McCallister, will be taking over Oreo’s Facebook and Instagram channels to stream their own adventures in the Oreoverse. 

“I know a thing or two about cookies but not a whole lot about the digital universe,” Stewart teased in an Instagram post this morning. “This is sure to be a wild ride.”

While the official release of The Most Oreo Oreo isn’t until January 30th, Oreo lovers who simply can’t wait can purchase the new flavor through pre-sale on Oreo's website. Additionally, those looking to dunk right into the Oreoverse can do so starting today in Meta Horizon Worlds using their Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro headsets or online on the Oreoverse website.