Everyone loves Oreos—that's not really up for debate. But with sooooo many possibilities, you might wonder what to do with these classic cookies sometimes. You know, besides just eat them plain. However, a look at your sign might just give you a clue as to which Oreo recipe you should whip up in your kitchen. The stars don't lie, and neither do Oreos.

Aries (March 21st—April 19th): Oreo Truffle Ice Cream Moon Cake

sweet, milk, candy, cream, chocolate
Dylan Barth

Listen, Aries, I know you're just trying to have a good time, but you're a touch too extra sometimes. However, I'll let it slide if you're making this Oreo Truffle Ice Cream Moon Cake. You can never be too extra with Oreos. 

Taurus (April 20th—May 20th): Oreo Pancakes

brownie, cookie, cake, cream, chocolate
Arden Sarner

I mean, yeah, Taurus—I guess these are pancakes. And I guess by making them Oreo Pancakes, it's still breakfast, and you can eat them in the morning. We'll totally let it slide this time, you stubborn bull you. But only if you share.

Gemini (May 21st—June 20th): Slutty Cupcakes

chocolate, cake
Chelsea Hawk

Charismatic and witty, you're like when someone gives you an ordinary cupcake and you take a bite and  BOOM! sprinkles and cream filling spill out. Gemini, this Oreo recipe is for you—Slutty Cupcakes take an original fave to another level. These lil' guys just wanna have fun, and you're always the best when it comes to knowing how to have a good time.

Cancer (June 21st—July 22nd): Oreo O's Cereal

goody, cream, milk, coffee, candy, sweet, chocolate
Arden Sarner

I get it, buddy, we all look back with fond eyes on our childhood foods. Those were the good days, but we have to accept the fact that they're gone. Wait, you made Oreo O's Cereal? Jeez, Gemini, you're sentimental AF and I dig it. Like Imma dig my spoon into this delicious breakfast.

Leo (July 23rd—August 22nd): Oreo Mug Cake

sweet, mocha, cappuccino, milk, chocolate, cream, espresso, coffee
Megan Clarkson

Leo, you're always looking out for number one, which is cool. Sometimes ya just gotta treat yourself, because hey, you're the best. So this Oreo Mug Cake for one sounds like a stellar idea, right? Wrong Leo—well, unless you make two. Then you are 1,000 percent right.

Virgo (August 23rd—September 22nd): Mini Oreo Stuffed Cookies

chocolate, cookie, sweet, candy, coffee
Rae Steinbach

I know I go to you with all my problems, Virgo, but it's only because you always have the answer. So when I asked how to make Oreo cookies better and you just stuffed them into different cookies, well, like I said — you have all the best solutions.

Libra (September 23rd—October 22nd): Fried Oreos

cake, dairy product, doughnut, pastry, sweet
Sheng Lin

I don't know how you do it, man, but you always have the right amount of everything. Like how when you mix drinks, it's always the right proportions. So, these Fried Oreos, the perfect combination of both savory and sweet, are for you. Keep doing you.

Scorpio (October 23rd—November 21st): Boozy Mint Chocolate Chip Oreo Milkshake

milkshake, dairy, yogurt, dairy product, chocolate, ice, sweet, milk, cream
Hui Lin

Scorpio, I know you're "way too cool for the rest of us," so I found this Oreo recipe just for you: a drunken, minty Oreo milkshake. Super intense, intimidating, and kinda sexy — it's perfect for you. Just, don't let it get to your head. 

Sagittarius (November 22nd—December 21st): Oreo Iced Coffee Cubes

Ellie Gilchrist

If caffeine were a person, you'd be that person, Sagi. That's why I'm trying to get you to cool it down with these Oreo Iced Coffee Cubes. You'll probably still chug the whole thing in a single minute, but at least you won't burn your tongue this way.

Capricorn (December 22nd—January 19th): Oreo Cheesecake

chocolate, cake, cheesecake, pie, cream, sweet
Kierri Price

I think you're the only one who'd have enough patience to nail the decoration on this Oreo Cheesecake. Yet, as a no-bake dessert, you still manage to be extremely practical and efficient. Can you please start organizing our lives, Capricorn? You'd save so many college students, including myself. 

Aquarius (January 20th—February 18th): Oreo Jello Shots

marshmallow, cream, chocolate
Aracelia Skridulis

You're like, the top person to invite to a party, mainly because you always show up with 10 bottles of vodka and a mission to get lit. So these Oreo Jello Shots are totally up your alley, Aquarius. Just try not to end up in the alley tonight, sweetie. It was pretty hard to find you last time.

Pisces (February 19th—March 20th): Marshmallow Oreo Cookies

hot chocolate, espresso, milk, cream, coffee, chocolate
Danielle Biskner

Your head is always in the clouds, Pisces, but when those clouds are made of marshmallows, suddenly you're inspired to make these Marshmallow Oreo Cookies. We really have no complaints about this. Follow your cookie-covered dreams, Pisces.

There is truly an Oreo recipe out there for everyone. If you're ever having a hard time deciding (looking at you, Gemini, calm down there), let the stars decide and try your luck. You won't be disappointed.