Two chocolate cookies containing a rich cream filling. Oreos are wonderful. What's not to love? The Oreo cookie first went on sale in 1912, and now takes over grocery stores with its many flavors. However, some blasphemous cookie-lovers favor the single-stuffed Oreos over the Double Stuf version, and we struggle to figure out why. In light of National Oreo Cookie Day (yep, it's a real thing), here are nine reasons why you should never trust people who eat single stuffed Oreos. 

1. Double Stuf Oreo Is the Cooler of the Two

The birth of the Double Stuf Oreo changed the way you snack forever. This super-sized cookie overshadows the tired concept of a single stuffed Oreo. And I can think of nothing trendier than snacking on an oversized Oreo cookie.

2. Double Stuf Doesn't Actually Have Double the Stuffing

A New York math teacher conducted an experiment to figure out if Double Stuf Oreos actually contain double the filling. He concluded these cookies only contain 1.86 times the cream of a regular Oreo. So in hindsight, you might as well go for that Double Stuf. It's only 1.86 times more sugar.

3. Double Stuf Makes for a Better Time

Just stating the obvious: single stuffed cookies lack in the cream department. The filling acts as the sugary glue between two chocolatey cookie slices. I think that more cream equals a happier Oreo-eating experience. 

4. Look Closer at the Nutrition Label

Double Stuf cookies contain fewer calories per serving. With 140 calories per serving, the Double Stuf Oreo also holds fewer grams of carbohydrates. Meanwhile, the original Oreo holds 160 calories per serving. Follow the suggested serving size (three single stuffed Oreos, or two Double Stuf Oreos) and you'll be golden.

5. Double Stuf Is More Fun to Dunk

What's better than dunking an original Oreo into a cold glass of milk? Dunking a Double Stuf Oreo into a cold glass of milk. The thick amount of cream filling in one of these bad boys makes for more absorption of the milk, creating a creamier inside. And this makes a long-lasting cookie eating event.

6. Harry Styles Is the Equivalent of a Double Stuf Oreo

I never associated boy-bander Harry Styles with Double Stuf Oreos, until this. Now, when I think of the beloved, talented singer, I immediately compare him to a Double Stuf Oreo. Just like Harry Styles, this cookie offers a flavorful personality.

7. More Stuffing, More Creativity

The abundance of cream filling in a Double Stuf Oreo calls for creativity. This creepy (also amazing) cream-stuffing portrait gives playing with your food a whole new meaning.

#SpoonTip: View other sweet cookie artwork on the official Oreo Instagram page. There's a sculpture of a leaf that looks insane. 

8. Same Cost For Both Cookies

Next time you're at a grocery store, look closely at the price of the Double Stuf Oreo. One might believe the single stuffed Oreo is cheaper. WRONG. According to Walmart, both kinds of cookies sell for $2.98. Spend the same amount for a better cookie-eating experience.

9. Branch out, It'll Do You Some Good

If Double Stuf isn't your thing, Nabisco provides endless options for all kinds of cookie needs. Opt for a Golden Oreo, Triple Double Oreo, or a Mint Oreo if adventurous. I regularly turn to the Lemon Oreo for a refreshingly sweet snack. Expand your taste buds, you'll thank me later.

The beloved cookie comes in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. It's worth it to step up your snacking game and munch on a Double Stuf Oreo the next time a cookie craving hits.