We all watch cooking shows to marvel at the food they create, but what about the most epic TV food fails in your favorite comedy shows? Here are some of the top TV food moments that didn't go quite as planned for some of our favorite TV characters.

1. Kevin's Famous Chilli

We all loved how excited Kevin was for everyone in The Office to try his chili. So excited even that he tried to scoop it back into the pot. Unfortunately, we were never really told if the chili was eaten and now we will never know.  

2. Rachel's Thanksgiving Trifle

Sometimes sweet and savory can taste good together, but in Rachel's case... not so much. Everyone should really leave the cooking to Monica. Although Joey of course did love this food fail, which isn't saying much since he eats almost anything. If you are looking to enjoy this trifle just as much as Joey, never fear we have a recipe right here. 

3. Alfredo's Pizza not Pizza by Alfredos

This may be a big food fail, but definitely a funny one from The Office. After realizing he ordered from the wrong pizza place, Micheal takes the delivery boy hostage to avoid paying for the pizzas no one in the office wants. Thankfully the employees of Dunder Mifflin get their glorious pizza from Alfredo's Pizza Cafe in the end. 

4. Rachel and Chandler Eat Cheesecake Off The Floor

This TV show food fail is by my favorite because I love cheesecake that much that I probably would eat it off the floor if it came down to it. I mean, if you just eat the top parts that haven't touched the floor it really isn't that bad if you think about it. The best part is when Joey shows up to pull a fork out of his pocket and dig in as well. There is a lot more Friends food moments where this one came from.

5. Seinfeld's Soup Nazi

Now this one is just sad. The soup Nazi was somewhat of a dictator the way he ran his soup place. It made for great TV, but it's an epic TV food fail in my book. No one wants to be told, "No soup for you!"

6. When Kitty and Red Ate Pot Brownies

This wasn't so much a food fail as a food funny. A food fail on Eric's part, but seeing Kitty and Red stoned was definitely a highlight of "That 70's Show." 

7. Ron's Favorite Steak Place Downsized

You can't mess with Ron Swanson and his meat. If you don't remember this episode, it was when Ron was so excited to go back to the steak place where the portions were huge, but comes to find that they are much smaller than he remembers.

This may suck for Ron, but leads to one of the best Ron Swanson quotes where he goes to a diner and iterates, "Just give me all the bacon and eggs you have. Wait, wait. I'm worried what you just heard was, "Give me a lot of bacon and eggs." What I said was, "Give me all the bacon and eggs you have." Do you understand?"

We all have our food fails, but I want you to remember that some can be worse. Your favorite TV show characters have epicly failed, so next time your tomato soup splatters all over the microwave or your bread sinks instead of rises, just remember these TV food fails.