What would Thanksgiving be without all of our friends, or rather, binge-watching Friends all weekend?

From Chandler telling Monica he loved her, to Will (the creator of the I Hate Rachel Green Club), Friends Thanksgiving episodes were always amazing. In my opinion, the best part of each special was seeing the creative recipes made by the gang.

Whether you're a chef like Monica or a beginner in the kitchen like Rachel, this post will show how anyone can test out some of the best Thanksgiving recipes seen on Friends. Your real friends will be more than impressed.

Rachel's "Traditional" English Trifle

Whenever I think of Friends' Thanksgiving food, the first thing I think of is the mess that was Rachel's trifle in season six. Even though it looked gross AF, I needed to find out if Ross was right, and if it tasted like feet.

Luckily, I didn't have to give up my taste buds since Wylie took one for the team to test this Friends recipe — check out her article here.

cream, yogurt, berry, sweet, raspberry, mint, pudding, strawberry, dairy, milk
Wylie Gorup

According to Wylie, this trifle tasted like dog food — but maybe this Friends delicacy will be your newest Thanksgiving tradition.

Ross' Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich

Who can forget the fit Ross threw over his leftover sandwich, causing him to be suspended from his job? 

This sandwich is actually a genius idea, because who really knows what to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers?

This recipe is so easy — combine all your leftover food between two slices of bread, and you'll have the best sandwich you've ever tasted. Check out how Mollie made her own leftover sandwich here.

cheese, bread
Ethan Cappello

I hope you don't forget the moist maker!

Monica's Mockolate Pie Crust

In season three, Monica made a pie crust from Mockolate, a nasty chocolate alternative. Mockolate actually exists but it goes by the name "carob," and tastes pretty good.

Finish your Friends-inspired feast with this recipe, and you'll have all your friends saying "oh my god," in a good way.

These recipes are sure to make even a Chandler-level Thanksgiving hater like the holiday because who doesn't love Friends?

Now go out and win the Gellar Cup.