As many fast food restaurants announce their sampling of meatless options, Impossible Foods has come in to step up their game by introducing new Spicy Chicken Nuggets, Spicy Chicken Patties, and Chicken Tenders, all made from plants. For those, like myself, that add hot sauce to everything, this one’s for you.

What do the Impossible Spicy Chicken Nuggets, Patties, and Tenders taste like?

The Impossible Spicy Chicken Nuggets and Patties feature “a unique blend of spices for the perfect amount of heat in every crisp, tender bite,” according to the Impossible Foods’ website. The chicken tenders have “a golden brown crisp breading on the outside and a tender, juicy bite on the inside.” Wait… are we still talking about plants?

All three products offer 10 to 12 grams of protein per serving, no cholesterol and at least 50% less saturated fat, compared to the leading animal product. Impossible Chicken is made with soy protein to deliver that “meaty bite.”.Besides the products being a great source of protein, they also offer essential vitamins like vitamin B12.

As someone who decided to give up meat and dairy for lent, this is the best news I could’ve heard. The convenience of the product is what draws me in. Being able to throw any of the mentioned products into a salad, sandwich, or bowl for dinner will put meal prep out of business.

Where are the Impossible Spicy Chicken Nuggets, Patties, and Tenders available?

Impossible’s new products will be available at select retail locations starting this month, followed by national availability in the coming months. Which new plant-based chicken product are you looking to get your hands on?