When I decided to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland, I knew I was not going for the ultimate foodie experience. I imagined—and was warned—that I would eat mostly meats, fishes, and a lot of potatoes. The only place a friend in the Spooniverse could recommend to me was this health food shop and restaurant with a funny name: The Happy Pear. I put that in my iPhone notes and forgot about it. That is until I, fittingly, stumbled upon this hidden gem on a hike almost six months later. 

After completing the Bray to Greystones walk, a 7 km cliff walk along Ireland’s beautiful southern coast, I went into town to look for something to eat and immediately noticed the Happy Pear, a small storefront and cafe, standing out brightly among the surrounding pubs. I went inside and discovered more than just amazing food: The Happy Pear is selling a wellness lifestyle to Ireland.

The Story 

Founders and twins David and Stephen Flynn started this ever-expanding business in 2004, after becoming vegetarians on opposite sides of the world on the same day—talk about twin power! People initially thought they were crazy, but the brothers poured all their boundless energy into changing hearts and minds to create this extremely successful business and brand.

The Food

Everything The Happy Pear offers is, of course, vegetarian or vegan, but it is also entirely its own. The Flynn twins use their own products from plant-based ingredients prepared daily. The Greystones cafe offers customers a chance to create a unique meal from a wide variety of these delectable looking selections. 

I chose a colorful array of items including its famous bright purple Sweet Beet Hummus to create a dish that turned out to be far more than just eye-catching. It was an immense amount of food, but instead of making me feel sluggish as I’d come to expect from Irish eateries, the food made me feel energized, excited even, and ready to take on a thousand kilometer cliff walk! I began to understand The Happy Pear hype. 

The Products

The storefront attached offers fresh produce and Happy Pear products to take home. But the Happy Pear’s products reach beyond its Greystones location. It has marketed a line of pestos, meal bars, treats, coffee roasters, and its famous, colorful hummuses to storefronts all over Ireland. This mass exposure allows the Flynn twins to bring their brand, their story, and some healthy habits to more people.


In addition to their fantastic food, the Flynn twins are also committed to educating their community. They offer both online and classroom Happy Heart Courses and share their recipes with customers to teach healthy habits and, in their own words, “create a community, an environment people enjoy coming to and are supported in their efforts to make change.”

Even though they are fourteen years into this business, the brothers can still be seen catching the sunrise at Greystone harbor and taking a dip in the frigid Irish waters before going into the store and preparing the food. They say their passion lies in their craft and it shows in every plate they serve and every product they sell. If you go to Ireland, it is likely for the Guinness, the lush green countryside, or the beautiful cliff walks, but I would make another trek across the Atlantic to make another plate at The Happy Pear.