With the 10th Anniversary of the Kardashian's here, it's truly amazing (and sometimes scary) to look back at all the craziness that's occurred with that family. They've had their ups and downs in the Hollywood world, but there's always something we can keep up with: food. Here's a list of the Kardashian's fave go-to spots to dine out, from Calabasas to NYC. 

1. Health Nut

For those of us that have stayed loyal to the show for many years, we're all aware of those big salads the sisters seem to shake whenever they're in the kitchen. Turns out they're from a cafe called "Health Nut", a cafe that serves salads, sandwiches, and yummy drinks (the girls' go-to is the mango iced tea).

2. Serafina Meatpacking

When in NYC, Kendall frequents this Italian eatery with her model friends, and Kim and Kanye also share lunch dates at this hot spot. They have several locations, but this one seems to be the Kardashian fave. Between pastas, pizzas, and gluttonous apps, this place will make you feel like doing a full-blown Khloe K workout afterwards.

3. Craig's

Kris Jenner and beau Corey Gamble have spent countless evenings at this upscale spot, and it is, in general, a major hotspot in LA for high-profile food-goers. It has a slightly cheesy-old fashion vibe, but with exceptional food and such infamous guests, it's no wonder why it's a fave.

4. Carbone

If the Kardashian's are all about good Italian food, count me in. This is also a frequent stop in NYC for the entire family, and Kendall Jenner once claimed it had the best caesar salad she's ever had. This place is lit up with a funky sign, so it may not look gourmet from the outside, but rest assured, if it's Kardashian-approved, it's definitely glamourous.

5. Nobu

Almost every birthday dinner or big gathering seems to take place at one of Nobu's locations across the US. It offers a mix of Japanese and Peruvian flavors, and is definitely not on the cheap side if you're looking to grab a quick bite of sushi. A lot of stars also frequent Nobu's locations, but the Kardashian's have made it known on their show that this is an all time favorite spot. Want to check out this glam place yourself? Here's how to order from Nobu on a college student budget.

6. Carousel 

This spot is especially important to the fam because it was one of the Late Robert Kardashian's spots, and it brings them back to their Armenian roots. It's been shown on a few episodes of the show, and they all try and get it as much as they can to bring back some memories and reminisce about the simpler times. Curious as to what foods middle easterner's can't live without? Find out here.

7. Sugarfish

Kardashian's sure do go krazy for ethnic cuisine. Sugar fish, which has made many "top restaurant lists", including best restaurants on the West Coast, is popular with all of the sisters, particularly Kylie. Whether it be going there or just getting some takeout to eat in the quiet of their own home, away from the Paparazzi, the Kardashian's know how to do sushi in style. 

8. Cafe du Monde 

If you're a true KUWTK fan, you'll remember how much Kim wanted these bad boys a few seasons back. Beignets seem to be her downfall, and she traveled all the way to New Orleans to get her hands on these particular ones. Considering this is one of the most famous places in New Orleans, it's no wonder it's made this list of favorites. Can't take your private jet like Kim to try these? Here's how to make homemade beignets that are almost as good as the real deal.

9. Marmalade Cafe

In an attempt to keep it kasual, we have a spot in the same shopping center as Health Nut and another few places the Kardashian's like to visit. Marmalade Cafe offers brunch and lunch, with a variety of healthy to not-so-healthy meal options the girls can choose to indulge in or not. When they aren't getting their typical Health Nut salads, this is another great alternative for a chill lunch date.

10. Casa Vega 

Most of us don't think of Mexican food as being particularly glamorous, but once again the Kardashian's prove us wrong. This joint has been a staple for the entire family, and still is to do this day. In fact, Just last week Kim K was spotted here in a grey tracksuit and it's now featured on the restaurant's Instagram. If you want to attempt healthy Mexican food at home, it's not even as hard as you think.

Of course, there are many more favorite spots the Kardashian's frequent depending on what city they are in and who they are with, but it's hard to keep up with it all. One thing we know for sure however is that when they dine out, they dine out in KUWTK style.