There are few thing in this life better than binge watching a really great TV show — but eating a really good meal might be one of them. The ultimate way to combine your favorite show with your favorite snack? A TV-inspired food tour. New York City is the ideal setting for all things food, so it makes perfect sense that so many of your favorite shows take place in the Big Apple. If you're looking for a new adventure this summer, take one of these food tours to see where your favorite characters wined and dined.

1. Sex and the City

Whether you're a Carrie or a Samantha, Fodor's Travel has created the ultimate self-guided Sex and the City experience. Stops on the tour include Magnolia Bakery, where Miranda confessed her crush to Carrie, Pete's Tavern, where Steve proposed, and Monkey Bar, where Carrie met Ray. This is the perfect tour for you and your girlfriends, or your very own Mr. Big.

2. Gossip Girl  

If you spend your NYC trips in your trendiest outfit pretending to be Blair Waldorf, than this is the tour for you. On Location Tours takes you to the famous Palace Hotel aka Lotte New York Palace, home of the infamous brunch gone wrong. Others stops feature Dylan's Candy Bar a la Dan and Vanessa, and stroll down Fifth Avenue.

3. The Real Housewives of New York City

Whether this show is your guilty pleasure or just a straight-up pleasure, this tour gives you the chance to channel your inner Bethany Frankel.  On Location Tours shows you to Tipsy Parson, home of "the leg toss heard round the world," Le Cirque, and to grab macaroons at Maison Lauduree. You'll be so excited you might just try to throw a drink in someone's face.

4. Seinfeld

The show about nothing was arguably a show about food. One brilliant NY Times writer created the ultimate self-guided tour to explore the world of Seinfeld through food. The tour includes Tom's Restaurant, the real life version of Monk's, Mendy's, home of the great soup debate, and New York hot dogs at Gray's Papaya. These foods are too good to say "Yada-yada-yada!"

5. How I Met Your Mother

You asked for a HIMYM-inspired tour, and the NY Post said "challenge accepted!"  This self-guided tour takes you to McGee's Pub, the real life MacLaren's, Gray's Papaya, where the gang stops for hot dogs on New Year's Eve, and Corner Bistro, a stop on the search for the perfect burger.  Suit up and get ready for the ultimate tour you can tell your kids about.

If you're in a rut this summer, or just dying to live our your favorite TV show, these tours are sure to leave both you and your stomach smiling.