During this time of year, there’s usually a buzz about the phenomenon known as Galentine’s Day. So what, exactly, is this mystical holiday?


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In case you are late to the bandwagon, Galentine’s Day is the day before Valentine’s Day when girls ditch the guys and celebrate the important gals in their lives!

Before I delve into the list, I just want to tell all the ladies out there – whether you are single or you have a man – embrace it. All my single ladies out there, I got you. I mean, I am as single as one can get. I’ve seen a lot of articles circulating on the web lately that are titled something like “15 Things That Are Better Than a Boyfriend.”

I mean, that just sounds a bit salty to me. Embrace that singleness. Being single just means you have more love to go around. Shower some extra love to those who are important in your life.


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Being in a monogamous relationship is difficult. Sure, you may see couples on Instagram or some other social media channels looking all #relationshipgoalz and you are jealous af. But the truth is, every relationship has its problems and it takes a lot of patience and sacrifices (on both sides) to make it work.

A wise person once said, “You are an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” Think about all the amazing people you have in your life. Appreciate those who stick with you through the highs and lows, who would be right there beside you when you are suffering through that problem set or crying over a breakup.

Instead of sitting at home with a bucket of ice cream, why not go out with your girlfriends and enjoy being young, wild and single? Here’s a list of top 10 places to hit with your gal pals.

1. Zaroka


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Buffet-style Indian cuisine. Chew on some fluffy naan as you bask in the warm cozy ambience of candles and stare lovingly into your best friends’ eyes.

2. Miya’s Sushi


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This place is totally laid-back and puts an inventive, bold spin on your ordinary sushi. You and your gal pals are guaranteed to enjoy their rad menu. I definitely recommend the Hot-Headed Cowgirl to spice up your night. Filled with cucumber, avocado, tapioca cream cheese, papaya, burdock and hot peppers, this coconut-covered roll is perfect for all you strong, independent women.

3. Sushi on Chapel


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This is a perfect little underground getaway for a group of friends – the sushi is cheap, aesthetic and meant to be shared. Here, you can color yourself happy with the purplest rice in the land.

4. Barracuda


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Imagine you and your girlfriends happily slurping $1 oysters or digging into the immensely rich and fulfilling seafood paella. Or, if you are not much of a seafood person, try their flatbreads or empanadas. Satisfaction guaranteed.

5. Thai Taste


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As you can probably tell, I really like my restaurants underground. Satisfy your Thai food cravings with your favorite girls at this low-key eatery tucked away in Chapel Street. It is definitely one of the best sources of Thai food in the Have.

6. Shake Shack


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Hey, why not? No better way to show your love for your friends than to split an order of cheese fries. Literally drooling right now. #treatyoself

7. Alpha Delta Pizza


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What better way to celebrate how amazing your friends are over the equally amazing Wenzel that sustains all of us Yalies? Better yet, go on an Insomnia Cookies run afterwards!

8. Claire’s Corner Copia


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Why not get together with your girlfriends and do a taste test of every slice of their amazingly dense and delicious (sometimes even vegan) cakes? I highly recommend their chocolate banana cake.

9. Prime 16


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With amiable chatter and a buzzing atmosphere, this is the prime spot to j chill. They have burgers as big as your head, so you and your friends can eat to your hearts’ content.

10. Kitchen Zinc


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Go ahead. Stuff your faces in that mac n’ cheese lobster pizza. No one’s judging.