Once someone got past the idea that trucks could be used for more than ice cream, food trucks were born. Now they're the coolest way to eat on the go, with festivals full of them carving out whole parts of towns. The Newark Food Truck Festival was met with a warm welcome by local residents and students such as myself. 

While the whole event was an overall success run by the Newark Arts Alliance, there were a few stand out trucks and dishes in the mix.

Ultimate Taco Fix: Mojo Loco

chicken, salsa, tacos
Casey Irwin

With Mojo Taco having the longest line right from the start of the event, I made a good choice hoping on it before it got any longer. The colorful menu matched the fast-paced atmosphere that seeped out of the small truck. I couldn't have gone wrong with anything on their menu, but my Mojo Pork Tacos were a great start to my food crawl. 

A Twist on Your Favorite Classics: I Don't Give a Fork!

sandwich, pork
Casey Irwin

I Don't Give A Fork is infamous for their mac & cheesesteak, which is exactly what I had to get. The mac added to the texture in a way that I didn't know I needed. It's easy to see how the UD Alum owned truck has stayed so successful with carbo loads like that. The-off campus food truck festival wouldn't have been the same without it. 

Your Chicken & Waffles Search Can End: Outlandish 

sandwich, bread
Casey Irwin

People who question the chicken and waffles combination shouldn't be messed with, and those who enjoy it have to be critical of the different textures at hand. Outlandish has perfected the all-in-one dish with their fluffy waffles and crunchy chicken. 

Save Room for Dessert: Sweet Josephine's

sweet, cream, cake, chocolate, candy
Casey Irwin

While the Cajun Sno truck spiked an infatuation with their gelati-like water ice with ice cream cup, speciality cupcakes from a truck cannot be beat. Apple pie shoved in a cupcake is as close as we're going to get to Willy Wonka's gum-stick-meal. 

I may have ran out of room to try Mama Mia's Fusion truck, but the consistent line tells me I missed out on that one.

Before we know it food truck festivals will be more popular with music festivals, or better yet they'll go hand-in-hand. This was only the beginning for the Newark Food Truck Festival, and I can't wait to taste where it goes.