If you’ve ever been to Philadelphia, chances are you’ve eaten a cheesesteak. Chances are you fell in love with the greasy, delicious flavors. And chances are that no matter where you ordered from (Pat’s, Geno’s, or the local pizza store), you probably enjoyed that cheesesteak on a toasted roll. You may even have designated your favorite place and unique order of cheesesteak.

But there are so many awesome ways to enjoy the famous thin-sliced steak and cheese combo, that these five epic dishes should immediately follow the cheesesteak sandwich on your food bucket list. (What, doesn’t everyone have a bucket list of all the foods they want to eat? Just me? Ok.)

1. Cheesesteak Egg Rolls


Photo courtesy of @kristinammoore on Instagram

Technically the egg roll is a roll, but not one you’d usually find filled with a Philly legend. This dish is a slightly neater take on a traditional cheese steak. After one bite, you’ll wonder why juicy slices of steak, onions, and melty cheese haven’t always come wrapped in a crispy egg roll. If you try these at a restaurant (as opposed to making them yourself), dip a ‘roll in the fancy sauce to forget everything you know about a wiz wit.

2. Cheesesteak Mac and Cheese


Photo courtesy of @themacmart on Instagram

It’s hard to decide between two cheesy meals. You can have mac and cheese for dinner, or you can have a cheesesteak, but you can’t have both. Or can you? When these two combine, the only result can be pure magic. If you’re the kind of person who pops Kraft Homestyle containers (the #1 instant mac in this definitive ranking,) in the microwave every night for dinner, then put down the powdered cheese and load up on juicy steak and American cheese slices.

#SpoonTip: You might need a bigger cup.

3. Cheesteak Omelette


Photo courtesy of Paul Altobelli on flickr.com

My mom has always discouraged me from eating heavy, greasy, or iconic sandwiches in the morning. Over the years, I’ve had to find new ways to avoid her “Steak Shaming.” Moms tend to accept any form of eggs as a healthy breakfast, so I present to you the Philly cheesesteak omelette. To create this killer omelette, remove the steak, cheese, and caramelized onions out of a cheesesteak, and fold it into some eggs tomorrow morning. With some hash browns on the side, this might be the best breakfast you’ve ever had.

4. Cheesesteak Pretzel

Photo courtesy of @JoesSteaks on Twitter

The only way this dish could be more Philly is if you dipped it in water ice, emphasis on the wooder. There are five factors to consider when judging a cheesesteak, and the roll is one of them. If your steak & cheese are sitting on a pretzel, they’re sitting on one of the softest, most satisfying rolls in the world. How’s that for a winner?

5. Cheesesteak-Stuffed Peppers


Photo courtesy of @chrissypea on Instagram

Summer is fast approaching and you’re trying to slim down before hitting the beach, but you would do anything for a nice meaty cheesesteak. Have no fear. There’s a way to healthify even the fattiest of meals. This usually involves replacing the carbs with some sort of vegetable, and baking instead of cooking on a greasy grill. After applying these changes, you end up with a delicious, healthy cheesesteak to satisfy the carnivore in you.