We all know the best part about going out is the late night eats. Sometimes I go out just for the prospect of getting to eat another meal. After conducting research across my friends from all over the country, I compiled a list of the best late night eats in every U.S state. 

Alabama- Messy Fries from Quick Grill  

Quick Grill was listed on Total Frat Moves "Best Campus Blackout Restaurants" , so they have obviously earned the reputation. One of my friends who goes to the University at Alabama said that eating messy fries at 2 am is a "right of passage" as a student. Open only from 6pm to 3am, this place was meant for late night eats. A large serving of messy fries is $7 or there is a smaller one for $5. A side of ranch is recommended.    

Alaska- A $2,4,6, or 8 meal from The Northern Most Dennys in the World  

Ok, I honestly searched long and hard for something unique to eat after midnight in the state of Alaska. The closest I could come is Dennys, which even closes at 11:59. But, if you go to the Dennys in Fairbanks, you can take a pic at with their sign proclaiming them the Northernmost Denny's in the world. Talk about some good Instagram content. 

Arizona- Mexican from Taco Shop Co

This taco shop is open 24 hours all day every day which means you can get delicious street tacos, burritos, and anything else you could want at any time. Study late here, or find it after a long game day to crave all your Mexican food desires. They even have green potato taco shells, carne asada fries and a taco toppings bar with all kinds of salsas.   `

Arkansas- A burger from Midtown Billiards 

Midtown Billiards is a true friend to late night eats, open only from 3 pm til 5 am. The place is a classic dive bar with pool tables and graffitied bathroom walls that has been in its current location since the 1970's. The bar had tons of fire damage in 2016, and people were begging for it to reopen the whole year while they did repairs. From the burger pictured above, you can see why. 

 California- Animal Fries from In n Out

When you think California, you think In n Out. When you ask someone from California about In n Out, they scream animal fries. This "secret" menu item consists of their classic fries topped with cheese, their special sauce, and chopped grilled onions. Does anything sound better than those and a chocolate shake after a long night? Most locations are open until 1am.  

Colorado- The Brandon from Bovas

Imagine every food you have ever craved while under the influence or when you've been stressed out. Picture the Brandon to satisfy all your cravings. This sandwich is a grilled cheese on thick white bread with chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, ranch and Sriracha. I've heard a CU boulder student can't go a weekend without getting one.  

Connecticut- Calzones from D.P Dough

Open from 4 pm to 3 am, Dp Dough calzones could turn a terrible night out into a great one. These calzones are delicious, and also a great deal. You and a friend can get two calzones, two cookies and a liter of soda for $20.  They also have ridiculously tasty fillings like tater tots, mac n cheese or chicken fingers. 

Delaware- Call an Uber Burger from Klondike Kate's 

The name of this burger truly says it all. My ideal night would probably include eating this burger which features a whole pound of beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, onion rings and chipotle aioli, and then calling an Uber home due to my intense food coma. This place has been open since 1979, and features half price burgers on Mondays and half price nachos on Tuesdays. 

D.C.- Chili Cheese Fries from Ben's Chili Bowl  

Can you get a more classic late night eat than chili cheese fries? Stop by this iconic DC restaurant til 2 am weekdays or til 4 am Friday and Saturday to fulfill all your chili-cheese cravings. Don't worry if you're a vegetarian, they have veggie chili, veggie hot dogs, and veggie burgers. 

Florida- Bacon Lollipops from New York Grilled Cheese

This place is home to the waffled grilled cheese, and most locations are open until 3:30 or 4 am on the weekends. Have an early breakfast with the Wall Street Grindr Award grilled cheese which features bacon, scrambled eggs, waffle fries, and caramelized onions, and American cheese all piled onto waffle-seared garlic bread. Or treat yourself to something unique like their bacon lollipops or Hells Kitchen bread budding. YUM. 

Georgia- Waffles from Waffle House 

Waffle house is literally always there for you. They are open 24/7, and even help to determine the effect of natural disasters according to FEMA's "Waffle House Index". There are over 2,000 locations all across the United States that have been serving up piping hot diner food since 1955, and I suggest you hit one of them up on a late night soon. 

Hawaii- Pancakes from M.A.C. 24/7 

Breakfast is obviously the best meal of the day, so why not eat it twice? Hit up M.A.C in Waikiki for crazy delicious pancakes at any hour of the day. Pictures above are the Peanut Butter Boo pancakes which are described on their Instagram as "our famous buttermilk pancakes buried under a layer of Reese's Pieces, peanut butter drizzle, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and a ghastly cloud of chantilly whip"

Idaho- Scone from Merritt's Family Restaurant 

The main ingredients in these scones seem to be fried dough, butter, and sugar. What could taste better in the wee hours of the morning, as this place is open til 1 am weekdays and 2 am on the weekends. Topping selection includes apple, cherry, mixed berry, blueberry, strawberry, boysenberry raspberry, strawberry, rhubarb, blackberry, chocolate or butterscotch pudding. You can also add a scoop of ice cream, the options are truly endless. 

Illinois- Grilled Cheese from Cheesie's 

Chessie's Pub and Grub is an Illinois chain with locations open until 3, 4, and 5 am on the weekends. They have 12 different kinds of gourmet grilled cheese with a variety of dipping sauces. Also if you're up to the challenge, they have both a 4lb and 8lb grilled cheese that include 5 layered grilled cheese sandwiches served with a pound of fries. The prizes for finishing the ginormous sandwich include a gift card, a t-shirt and unlimited high fives.

I also have an honorable mention for Illinois, which is Steak n Shake milkshake happy hour from 2-4 am where shakes and drinks are half priced.  

Indiana- Greasy Chinese Z&C Teriyaki and Sushi  

One of the top google reviews for this restaurant is "great place if you're wasted enough". So, my advice would have to be go when its open til 3 am on the weekends, and make sure you've had a good time before walking in. However, chicken teriyaki topped with an egg does sound like a pretty great late snack at any time in my opinion. 

Iowa- A burger and a shake from Zombie Burger 

Zombie Burger has multiple Iowa locations that are open til 2am on the weekends. All of their burgers come in a single, double, or triple patty so you can gauge how much meat you're craving. Additionally, they have 15 kinds of crazy shakes like the zombie unicorn with vanilla ice cream, marshmallow cream, and fruity pebbles. The burger featured above is the Ringu which has grilled pineapple rings, brown sugar teriyaki, bacon, caramelized onion, Swiss cheese, and mayo piled onto it. 

Kansas- Cookies from Hot Box Cookies 

Hot Box cookies has 12 different types of cookies that can be made into ice cream or frosting sandwiches, and they deliver until 2 am on the weekends. Imagine getting home after a good night out and having melty cookies and milk waiting at your door. They even make cookie cakes and arrangements so you can say thanks to your favorite going out friend for always being there. 

Kentucky- Diner Classics from Tolly-Ho 

Located in Lexington, this university-area breakfast and burger joint is open 24 hours a day. They have amazing deals, like a grilled cheese for $1.99 or 10 piece nuggets for $2.79. Whats better than tons of greasy diner food and not breaking the bank? A famous UK late night snack is their cheddar cheese filled tater tots. 

Louisiana- Brinner from Louie's Cafe 

Louie's has been serving breakfast, lunch and dinner 24/7 since 1941 in Baton Rogue. They have an omelette called the seafood louie which features your choice of shrimp or crawfish sautéed with vegetables in spiced butter with swiss cheese, topped with an herbed crème sauce. Talk about some true southern comfort food, and what cuisine could taste better than that at 3 am?  

Maine- Lobster Roll from Brunswick Diner

This diner is only open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday specifically to accommodate the need for late night eats. Local patrons say the place hasn't changed in 50 years, and remember it from when they attended Bowdoin. They hang regulars coffee mugs on hooks on the wall. If you're just passing through, regulars recommend the homemade toast, along with the iconic Maine lobster rolls. 

Maryland- A cheesesteak from The Real Thing

A late night joint popular among Towson University students, The Real Thing apparently lives up to its name. Open til 3 am Thursday through Saturday, all of their "real one" cheesesteaks include greens peppers, mushrooms, onions, sauce, and cheese as toppings. They also have pizza fries or steak fries topped with steak, nacho cheese, and mozzarella cheese. Stop by during the day to get an awesome lunch special which includes a cheesesteak, fries, and a drink for just $11.50.  

Massachussets- A slice from Antonio's Pizza 

Antonios is an Amherst college student staple. They feature a mile-long looking glass display case of pizza slices in unique flavors like the chicken bacon ranch pizza featured above, and zesty black bean avocado or quesadilla. A yelp reviewer said this place made him gain "both the freshman and sophomore 15", and I believe him as just looking at the pizza pictures made me drool. 

Michigan- Hippie Hash from Fleetwood Diner  

This diner was featured in the ultimate guide to eating at University of Michigan, so it's college student endorsed to taste amazing at 3 am. Also, there are vegetables in here so you'll wake up feeling healthy and revived. The hippie hash is a pile of crispy hash browns topped with tons of grilled veggies, feta cheese and served with two eggs and toast. Maybe go back and get the same thing at 9 am as Fleetwood is open 24/7.

Minnesota- Speciality Slice from Mesa Pizza 

Mesa pizza is open til 3 am on the weekends, and they deliver! Get back to your dorm and want food but not feeling another trek out? Order one of their 39 types of speciality slices right to your door. They have vegan and vegetarian options along with things like buffalo chicken or all the toppings of a guacamole burrito on a slice of pizza. Go check it out. 

Mississippi- Oyster Po-boy from Adventures Pub and Spirits

Adventure's Pub and Spirits is located in Biloxi, Mississippi and is open til 4 am on weekdays and 6 am on weekends. They have darts and trivia for your entertainment, and are known for their fresh oysters. Their ultimate oyster po-boy includes deep fried oysters with bacon, lettuce, fried green tomatoes, and chipotle mayo. Trust its 30 years of restaurant experience to give you a great end to your night. 

Missouri- Apple Cinnamon Fritter from

Johns Donuts

John's donuts is a St Louis classic, where most city employees pick up their dozen donuts every Friday morning. One enthusiastic apple fritter donut fan on yelp claimed that the "Apple fritter was amazing. It was not greasy at all. There were also large chunks of apple and the right amount of cinnamon". Their hours are amazing, 11 pm til they run out the next day, so they are literally only open for late night eats or an early morning recovery the next day.  

Montana- Tacos from Taco Montes 

This place was recommended to me by a Montana State University student. This taco joint reopens from 10 pm to 3 am on the weekends. They use homemade flour tortillas and many people from the Southwest speak highly of their taco quality. Try their unique taco types like the frito pie pictured above, or a tempura avocado with pineapple slaw.   

Nebraska- 5-egg omelet from HiWay Diner  

HiWay Diner, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, is open 24/7 to get some classic breakfast favorites. The third egg on your breakfast is always free and they claim to have magic toast, with "don't ask, just believe" on the menu. They also have 5 egg omelets called "5 egg Kong Omelets" with fillings like cheesesteak or ranch with crispy chicken strip, bacon, tomato and Swiss. 

Nevada- Hash House A Go Go, Sage fried chicken and bacon waffle tower 

Hash house a Go Go actually has locations in San Diego, Connecticut, Chicago, Florida, Texas, and Nevada. With 6 in Nevada, I figured it had a large influence in the late night eats scene there. The location at the Linq in Vegas is open simply for late night from 11 pm to 7 am. Try one of their waffle towers as pictured or a ridiculous twist on eggs Benedict, like one with an 18oz pork tenderloin underneath. 

New Hampshire- Fries from Gilley's Diner 

Gilley's is the place to be after the bars close at University of New Hampshire. The menu offers all late night classics at affordable prices, like hot dogs, grilled cheese, and chili topped anything. They were featured on Man vs Food and the Travel Channels 101 more amazing places to chow down. Additionally, Gilley's has been open since 1912, thats 105 years of turning bad nights into better ones.  

New Jersey- Dutch Coffee from Inkwell Coffeehouse

Open from 7 pm-3 am this trendy dive bar vibe coffeehouse has everything from live music acts, magicians, and a psychic right next door. Minutes from the beach in Long Branch NJ and Monmouth University, locals and tourists alike flock to this unique coffeehouse. Try their famous dutch coffee and surprisingly loaded menu with things like churro fries and enormous sandwiches.

New Mexico- Sweet Roll from Frontier Restaurant 

This place is a UNM student favorite that has been serving up New Mexican classics since 1971. In a barn like house, you can get amazing burgers, enchiladas, or the famous sweet rolls from 5 am to 1 am every day. Their homemade tortillas are also out of this world, so buy a bag for the next day if you go for some late night munchies. I also highly recommend their sister restaurant, Golden Pride, for a delectable breakfast burrito for the morning after a long night out. 

New York- The Fat Boy from Rams Deli Plus

This famous Bronx deli is open 24 hours a day. People say that the staff is friendlier than the other delis on the street. Try the fat boy hero after a late night, which consists of breaded chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and ranch on a large roll for just $6. I dare you to find a better value in NYC. Additionally, it is a discount grocery that sells tons of snacks, has a quality craft beer selection and prepared deli foods.  

North Carolina- BYO burger from Buns  

Buns is UNC Chapel Hill student favorite build your own burger bar. Open til 3 am Thursday through Sunday, you can add just about anything you could want to your late night burger. Unique topping options include brie or gruyere cheese, wasabi mayo, or a fried egg. They also serve regular or sweet potato waffle fries to which you can add cheese, chili, or both. Try a salted caramel milkshake while you're there, the possibilities are truly endless. 

North Dakota- Breakfast favorites from Fryn Pan Family Restaurant  

With locations in Fargo and Wahpeton, this family friendly restaurant offers its breakfast menu 24 hours a day. Feeling a steak at 3 am? Try the sirloin tips and eggs meal., Or have a supreme omelet with almost any filling imaginable. Try a caramel nut roll or one of their mega muffins if you have a sweet tooth. Homestyle classics are done right at Fryn Pan. 

Ohio- A donut or a gyro from Buckeye Donuts 

Never have I encountered a place with almost every option of foods that I crave past midnight. Buckeye donuts is an Ohio State staple and I understand why. Open since 1969, the menu has expanded from fresh donuts and hot coffee to including gyros, cheese fries, and even breakfast bagel sandwiches. You could go here for all four meals of the day, including the extra 2 am stop, and have any craving be satisfied.  

Oklahoma- Anything from Smokeys Midnight Express 

All of the above food can be delivered to you until 2 am if you order from Smoky's Midnight Express. This includes breakfast, burgers, pizza, and milkshakes aka the late night essentials. Only open from Thursday to Sunday from 5 pm-2 am, this place does late night right. Their motto is that "late night fare" is no longer synonymous with low quality food". I would love to try their s'more fries which are sweet potato fries with marshmallow, graham cracker crumbles & chocolate sauce. 

Oregon- A slice from Sizzle Pie 

Bet you couldn't guess that this pizza is VEGAN! The Heartwork is a vegan pizza with red sauce, spinach, hot peppers, artichoke and tofu cheese. Or stop by sizzle anytime in Portland, Seattle or Brooklyn to try their large selection of vegetarian, vegan, meat, seasonal or even breakfast based pizzas. All locations are open til 3am weekdays and 4am on the weekends so you can chow down on a slice whenever your heart desires. 

Pennsylvania- Sandwich from Primanti Brothers 

Primanti Brothers sandwiches are basically the OG late night food. The first location was in the Pittsburgh Strip district, where the sandwich was invented during the great depression in 1933. Their objective was to serve the late night and early morning workers who unloaded market goods, so the hours were 3 am-3 pm. Now a national icon and University of Pittsburgh classic, this sandwich could turn any night into a great one. Try the classic cap, egg and cheese topped with french fries, slaw, and tomatoes. You won't regret it. 

PA honorable mention: Wawa, the best convenience store in the U.S. 

Rhode Island- Free guac on anything from Baja's Burrito  

"I think all of the worlds problems could be solved if guac was always free"- my roommate, and probably also Bajas Burritos when they made guac a free add on to all of their entrees. While you're there make sure to try a California Baja Burrito which includes fries inside or the jalapeno poppers as a side. 

South Carolina- Combo Meal from Cookout  

Multiple friends of mine from multiple states said Cookout had to be included on this list so it must be good. Their combo meals include a burger, barbecue, two hotdogs, or a quesadilla with your choice of two sides that include hushpuppies, slaw, onion rings, fries, chicken nuggets, chili, a corndog, a chicken wrap, a quesadilla or a bacon wrap plus any drink or make that drink a shake for just one dollar more. Look at those options, can you think of a better deal? They even have 40 different milkshake flavors. 

South Dakota- Pigs in a Blanket from Millstone Family Restaurant 

Millstone Family Restaurant is a classic diner with locations in Rapid City and Spearfish South Dakota. Try their unique menu item for a late night breakfast, the pigs in a blanket. It's extra large pancakes wrapped around pork sausage so you can have a sweet and savory breakfast all in one meal. Only the Spearfish location is open 24/7 though, so make sure you go to the right one if you're looking for a late night bite. 

Tenessee- Crazy donuts from Gibson's Donuts  

Located in Memphis, Gibson's is open 24 hours all day every day. They were rated one of the 10 best donut shops in Tennessee and have been open since 1967 so they are experienced in the donut making business. They make amazing donut cakes, and seasonal donuts like peppermint for winter and ones with plastic babies for Mardi Gras. They are constantly updating their menu with new, inventive flavors which shows their commitment to consistently producing the best donuts. 

Texas- The whole 24 hour menu from Kerby Lane Cafe 

Kerby Lane is an Austin based chain open since 1980. They source a ton of their ingredients from local producers, use all natural meats, and cage free eggs. Try some of their award winning queso, the green chile mac n cheese, or any of their breakfast items. The South Lamar, Northwest, University, and Southwest Austin locations are all open 24/7. Feel healthy and environmentally friendly about your late night choices after a meal here. 

TX honorable mention: Whataburger. In my opinion, the best fast food burger on the market. Their honey butter is out of this world.

Utah- Carne Asada Fries from Rancheritos 

Rancheritos has tons of locations all over Utah that are all open 24/7 for your late night dining pleasure. Not only do they have huge carne asada fries, but they recently put them into burrito form as well. Or try two fried bean burritos for just $3.99. They serve breakfast burritos all day, plus adding guac to anything is only .85 cents which is like half the price of Chipotle.  

Vermont- Wings from Wings Over  

Wings are a staple late night food, and Wings Over does it right. If you go to UVM, go until 3 am on the weekends and pay with your meal plan bucks. Maybe don't try the "After Burner" wing sauce unless you want to bring a gallon of milk to cool your mouth down. Do bring a few friends though, because they offer value combo meals that feed 3-4 people like the Hangar 3 which includes over 2 pounds of wings, a large fries, large onion rings, and 3 sodas. 

Virginia- Cheesy bread from College Inn

Cheesy bread from College Inn is a University of Virginia staple. Open since 1953 and right next to campus, this place is iconic in the late night eats game. You can get a 14" cheese breadsticks for just $10.95 with your choice of marinara or ranch until 2 am everyday of the week. They also deliver or you can order online and pick up in store. Not feeling cheesy bread? They basically have a full Italian restaurant menu, including good prices on cocktails and pitchers of beer. 

Washington- Burger from Dicks Drive In  

Open 7 days a week until 2 am, Dicks is a late night Seattle icon. A true burger joint open since 1954, their menu solely includes burgers, fries, shakes, and floats. A University of Washington student recommends a deluxe burger with fries and a shake if you're hoping to hit food coma heaven after 10 pm.  This is a place dedicated to using quality ingredients and to their community. Dicks has a program where if you round up the change on your order, they will donate it to a local philanthropic cause. 

West Virginia- Morgantown Martini from Town Hill Tavern

Ok, this technically is a late night drink more than an eat. But when I saw this on Town Hill Tavern's Instagram, I had to include it. A beer with a pickle in it, talk about creative. The good news is Town Hill Tavern also has the best chili dogs in town along with a killer steak sandwich. They have been open since 1930, and are WVU owned and operated. If you're in Morgantown, I would highly recommend making a late night trip here. 

Wisconsin- Mac n Cheese Pizza from Ian's Pizza  

Can you think of two better late night eats than mac n cheese or a slice of pizza? Put them together and you have the ultimate snack. Not feeling Mac n cheese? Take this quiz to find out which slice you are and order that instead. With locations in Madison, Milwaukee, Denver and Seattle, Ian's pizza is only $4 for any speciality slice and is open til 2:30 am every day. If you go to University of Wisconsin, read this article to find out what frat party you should attend based on your classic late night Ian's order. 

Wyoming- Burger from Roxie's on Grand   

Roxie's on Grand is a classic bar to pregame for any University of Wyoming game. Open til 2 am every day besides Sunday, Roxie's is always there for your late night needs. A student recommended the bison burger to me, which includes natural grass fed buffalo, cheddar cheese, crispy onion straws, and huckleberry ketchup. Sounds classy and delicious. 

Now, who wants to go on a road trip through all 50 states with me where we only eat past midnight?