A large portion of the United States doesn't have Wawa, but if you're from the select few located on the East Coast that does, you know no other convenience store tops it. For people who have a Wawa location not far from their house, they often find themselves at the store multiple times a week. 

I promise all this fuss is not for nothing. Wawa deserves every bit of attention it gets. Here are 10 reasons why Wawa rocks. 

1. So Much Coffee. All Day. Starting at $1.29

Whether you're looking for a specialty drink or a regular cup of joe, Wawa has it. No matter what time of day, they always have a large variety of flavored and regular coffees, hot and ready for your enjoyment at their coffee station. You pour it and doctor it up yourself to make it just the way you like. And if you're not a coffee person, they also have hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows.

2. Breakfast 

The morning crowd at Wawa is full of regulars looking to get their Wawa Ready-to-Go breakfast. Their most popular items include freshly made Sizzlis breakfast sandwiches and their beloved hashbrowns. Grab one of these to go with your cup of coffee and you're ready to take on the day. 

3. Wawa App

If you're a frequent Wawa goer, then you probably have the Wawa app. The app allows customers to pay with their phone, earn and redeem Wawa rewards, find their nearest store, look up nutrition information, check fuel prices, and track their purchases. Not many convenience stores can say they have an app that does all of that. 

4. Seasonal Favorites

October means pumpkin spice, Thanksgiving means turkey bowls, summer means Hoagiefest, and every holiday in between comes with new and adorable themed desserts. 

5. Milkshakes, Slurpees, Smoothies Galore

Feeling a fruit smoothie? Got it. An iced salted caramel latte? Check. Frozen lemonade? No problem. I could go on all day. There are so many different drinks and flavors, I guarantee you won't get bored with them. 

6. An Insane Amount of Options

Wawa doesn't mess around with it comes to snacking. Their stores are fully stocked with all of the necessities. Choose from brand name packaged goods, healthy Ready-to-Go options, and a large variety of made to order snack recipes. I'm talking stuffed soft pretzels, mozzarella sticks, mini fruit trays, and more.

7. Hoagies

Wawa's hoagies are a staple to the convenience store. Choose from any of their recipes or create your own at the deli station to have a sandwich made for you on the spot. Ever heard of Wawa's Hoagiefest? Starting around July and running until the end of the summer, all hoagies are only $4.99.

8. ATMs & Gas Stations

Wawa's not just good for food. Many locations have gas stations attached to their stores. After you're done fueling up your stomach, you can fuel up your car. Additionally, Wawa's have surcharge-free ATMs, which is super handy. 

9. Kiosk Stations With Endless Possibilities 

Just when you thought their Ready-to-Go food options couldn't get any better, I introduce to you the Wawa kiosk stations. Behold the stations that allow you to custom order anything from mashed potatoes bowls, quesadillas, breakfast burritos, panini, soup, and more.

10. One Stop for Everything

Filled your car, filled your stomach, filled your wallet—it doesn't get much better than that. Morning work commutes, late night cravings, road trips, and daily errands have all been fueled by Wawa. 

It doesn't get much more convenient than this convenient store. All it takes is one stop before you realize that Wawa truly is the king of convenience stores. To the other 44 states without Wawa, you're missing out.