We have all licked spoons and scraped mixing bowls for a sweet creamy nibble of raw dough or batter, only to be faced with the age-old "you'll get salmonella" reaction. Crave no longer, because we found the most delicious and authentic tasting edible cake batter and dough. It comes from a New York based company called Vivre, a self-proclaimed "unbakery" selling doughs and batters of all flavors. Their raw confections are made to order and shipped worldwide. When you wish you were at home baking with your family instead of suffering through exams, treat yourself to a heaping spoonful of nostalgia with a buttery un-baked cake batter.

Birthday Cake Batter

This was the raw batter I tried first, and I literally had to go back and check the Vivre website to make sure it didn't have raw eggs, because it tastes exactly like cake batter. The texture is gooey and soft, with that slight starchy mouthfeel that only comes from real cake batter straight off the spoon. The batter is buttery, soft, and melts in your mouth, even straight out of the fridge. It comes topped with bright rainbow sprinkles, of course, but is not overwhelmingly sweet. Even though I ate this in my dorm across the country from home, I thought my mom was going to pop in at any second to warn me of salmonella. 10/10 tastes like real cake batter.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

I have eaten way more than my fair share of real raw cookie dough, so I was prepared for this to taste nothing like the original egg-filled goodness. This soft dough, however, has the perfect buttery smoothness. Dotted with the crunch of whole chocolate chips, this batter is sweeter than the birthday cake flavor without being cloyingly sweet. That post-raw-cookie-dough-binge headache I am all too familiar with was nowhere to be found.

Cookies and Cream Batter

The texture was much like the others, buttery and melt-in-your-mouth, with that slightly floury mouthfeel. The base dough tasted like the cookie dough, sweet and simple without being overwhelming. Bits and crumbs of chocolate cookies are spread without, giving a nice soft burst of chocolate flavor with the creamy dough. To double the cookies and cream flavor, I suggest consuming with an Oreo cookie. 

Brownie Batter

While notably thicker than the other doughs, the brownie dough packs the richest flavor. At first it tasted like a creamy fudge, but there was that undeniable raw doughy feel again. Peanut butter cups were sprinkled throughout, making this taste just like the brownies I love to make at home. Cue the major childhood brownie nostalgia. This is the sweetest dough, but it still isn't too overwhelming to munch on by itself. Vivre has even more delicious flavors I cannot wait to try, including season ones like Pumpkin Pie, and best of all they have free nationwide shipping. When finals sneak up on you before the holidays, close your eyes and take a big bite of Vivre batter to feel right at home.