While getting proper training and attending practices are important for preparing for games, so is your diet. Your diet can play a crucial role in how your body performs.It is important to know the best diet to have based on the sport you play and why and how it can benefit you. 

In order to perform your best, your body has to have the right fuel in order to do. Different sports require different diets for specific reasons. 

D1 Jackson's Strength and Conditioning Coach , Jordan Bush stated "You wouldn't have a 370 -pound Offensive Lineman training for football have the same diet as a 110 -pound Cross Country runner." 

Cross Country

As Bush stated, cross country runners tend to have much smaller frames than other athletes. Therefore, they have to keep their body percentage as low as possible. Runners have to drink A LOT of water, load up on the carbs, and proteins (this is the most essential). 


Football players tend to eat the most out of all sports because they have to. It is most important for players to receive three meals a day. Cut down on the fats and load up on all the protein and carbs you could think of. Your muscles will thank you later. 


For basketball players, it is extremely important to stay fueled throughout the day. Being that it can be a very strenuous sport, your meals should consist of low fats and lots of carbohydrates. It is best that you eat at least five to seven times a day. This could be a nice healthy breakfast filled with protein to a snack throughout the day and lunch to a nice recovery dinner after practice. 


Baseball is a sport of all sports. The foods you eat off season can effect what goes on during season. It is important that a baseball players diet includes complex carbs (veggies), lean proteins, and a ton of fiber. Fried Foods are not your friend.

With the right mentality and guidance, you have what it takes. When you really love a sport, you are willing to do whatever it takes to do your best. Even if that means having a diet you hate ,but may benefit you in the long wrong. Trust the process.