Hydration is crucial when you are an athlete. Your body loses essential nutrients during a hard workout and needs electrolytes in order to strengthen the muscles. In order to perform your best, you have to train like a champion. The power comes from your drink.


sweet, milk, candy
Julia Stobbie

You are a contributor. You help assist your captain in leading your teammates during practices and games. Knowing the right plays to make and where to be at the right times increases your chance of scoring a goal or gaining a point in a game. You never let your team down and you always put in 100% effort.  


alcohol, liquor, beer
Alex Tom

You are physically strong. Going to the gym and bulking up helps you perform at your best level. You are genetically gifted but mentally weak. You only give your all on one set of the practice, which is why you're too tired to continue for the remainder of the time.  Don't let your mind set keep you from giving up. 

Vitamin Water

apple, tea, juice
Julia Stobbie

You are a motivator. You help push your teammates to get through tough sets. Training hard will help the team's performance level at games and you never want to see your teammates give up. You are an essential member to the team as you make them stay focused to reach their goals.    

Coconut Water

Alex Tom

You are healthy. Your diet is nutrient-rich which helps your mind stay focused on your goals. Being fit and in shape helps you to perform at your best level. You have the right mind set but struggle to execute plays efficiently.  


coffee, beer
Julia Stobbie

You are wise. You see and execute all the right plays to score goals. You have the mentality it takes to win a game which helps you see the playing field like no one else can. You demonstrate leadership qualities, which is why you are captain of the team. The team respects you and trusts you to take them in the right direction.  Work hard, stay focused, and take the W for the win! 

An athlete's goal is to make it to the Olympics and with the right drink, their dreams can come true.  As Michael Jordan says, “Life is a sport…drink it up”.  Let’s drink smart so we can play smart.