They say there’s an art to concocting the perfect wine and cheese combination. But I would argue there is an equivalent, if not superior, level of expertise needed to pair cooking shows and snacks. Through my years of experience watching cooking shows, I have found that  each show has a unique personality, just as different cheeses have their own distinct aromas. Naturally, just as wine can be used to enhance the cheese-eating experience, snacks can be critical in enhancing one's TV-watching experience. Allow me to put things in perspective for you: Just as a sharp cheddar would ruin a perfectly delicious sauvignon blanc, gouging on potato chips is sure to taint your experience of watching The Great British Baking Show  

Masterchef Junior + Popcorn 

No matter how many episodes of this show I watch, my jaw still drops when I see an 8-year-old whip up a fried oyster slider (season 7, episode 5) or an ooey gooey chocolate lava cake (season 5, episode 14). The contestants on Masterchef Junior are all between the ages of 8 and 13, and each one puts your 3-minute Easy Mac to shame. It’s a nice change to see Gordon Ramsey consoling an 11-year-old girl who overcooks her filet (season 6, episode 1) instead of screaming insults at adult contestants on Kitchen Nightmares.

Admittedly, this show is not the most informative. I'd call it equal parts entertaining and enlightening, with extra points for cuteness (though I have learned exactly how long it takes to poach an egg). In the end, I’ll admit I'm watching it so I can see a little kid use a stepping stool to reach the stovetop or watch Ramsey get pied in the face. Therefore, the quintessential match for this entertaining show is a classic bag of buttery popcorn. Who needs the movies when you can just binge watch this show for hours? Just make sure you have enough popcorn to last you. 

The Great British Baking Show + Scones (or your nearest loaf of bread)

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Courtney Lailey

I won’t lie, the best part about this show is the British accents with the British humor to match. This show is on its sixth “collection” (even the British version of “season” makes it sound better) where amateur bakers compete to be named Britain’s best baker. Think Masterchef, but British and with only the most mouth-watering breads and pastries. And what could be more English than a scone to snack on? However, if the seemingly stale texture of a scone isn’t your thing, I would also suggest a croissant (it’s French, I know), a slice of lemon cake, or your nearest loaf of bread. My favorite part about this show is that contestants aren't just baking cupcakes and pies, but whipping up pastries and breads I’ve never even heard of - like samosas or povitica. The competitors on this show are all eager to get that bread, so why not cheer them on with a slice yourself?

The Big Family Cooking Showdown + Oreos 

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Anna Arteaga

Again, there's just something about British accents that makes this show all the more entertaining. The Big Family Cooking Showdown is structured like a bracket (RIP, March Madness 2019), with eight heats of four families who compete for a place in the semifinals and then the finals.

One big let-down of this show is the lack of family drama. If my sister and I were tasked with cooking a 5-star meal in 60 minutes, you can guarantee there would be some heated exchanges. My hypothesis is that British people are just more well-behaved than Americans, and thus they don’t bicker and yell like our beloved American reality TV stars. Nevertheless, this show is a great way to remedy homesickness or possibly make you feel more homesick when you realize how much you miss your favorite home cooked meal. If that’s the case, I suggest eating a pack of Oreos during this show to add that flavor of childhood to your nostalgia. Reminisce on the days of sitting at the kitchen table after school with some double-stuffed Oreos and a glass of milk while binging this show. 

Nailed It! + a cupcake

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Jocelyn Hsu

The thing that really sets "Nailed It!" apart from any other cooking show I've ever seen is the larger-than-life host, Nicole Byer. She's not your typical well-rehearsed, cheesy host who just seems like they're reciting from a script. Byer has a loud personality with a loud voice to match. She's notorious for yelling "Nailed it!" at contestants, hence the show's name (or spitting out the contestants' creations when she's not pleased). She often finds herself spitting out the food because the contestants are "home bakers with a terrible track record," as Netflix lovingly describes them. They're the bakers who mistake the salt for sugar, or who turn on the electric mixer only to see their flour go spinning everywhere. The bakers are tasked with recreating a cake masterpiece in exchange for a $10,000 prize. Even though the cakes might not look pretty, cake is cake and my stomach still yearns for it every time I watch the show. But out of consideration for your health, please don't eat a full cake during this half-hour long show. Instead, opt for a cupcake, or three.