Chef Gordon Ramsay, star of Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, and Master Chef, is a successful television personality and excellent chef. In addition to his shows, he has ten restaurants in North America and thirteen in the United Kingdom.

On his show Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Ramsay holds a competition between prodigy chefs to see who will run his next restaurant. During this show, Gordon’s infamous short temper and unique way with words are especially apparent.

His arsenal of snarky insults is just waiting to be used in your everyday life. Read on.

1. “You’re getting your knickers in a twist! Calm down!”

You're getting your knickers in a twist! Calm down!

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When your friends are rushing you to get ready, just hit them with this line and they’ll be sure to settle down. By the way, Chef Ramsay, what even are knickers? Turns out they are either loose fitting pants or women’s underpants.

2. “I wish you would jump in the oven! That would make my life a lot easier!”

19 Gordon Ramsay Insults For Everyday Situations

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Say this when your roommate is banging pots in the wee hours of the morning. Honestly, don’t they know it’s 10 am on a Saturday? This is a time for sleep.

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3. “Are you stupid?”

19 Gordon Ramsay Insults For Everyday Situations

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This line can be used in that one class where the student next to you asks a question right after the professor said the answer. Were you listening? Are you stupid?

4. “You’re so in denial, you need therapy!” 

You're so in denial, you need therapy!

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This line is for use on the Tuesday night partygoers. They have work they should be doing, but instead they’re in denial and procrastinating by taking shots.

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5. “You’re a great fucking talker.”

You're a great fucking talker.

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You know when you’re in class and there is that group talking loudly behind you? They think they’re whispering, but really they’re just talking. Turn around and hit ’em with this line. They’ll be so shocked that you can count on them to keep quiet. Just make sure it’s not a huge football player that could beat you up.

6. “Do you want a fucking medal?”

Do you want a fucking medal?

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To that person who partied Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday — okay, we all get it, you don’t have any work to do, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to put you on a pedestal for getting drunk. The only time you should get a medal is at the Olympics (or maybe at a drinking Olympics?).

7. “Hey panini head, are you listening to me?” 

When you're desperately trying to get someone's attention but they keep ignoring you.

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Only Chef Ramsay could call someone a panini head and still look menacing. It is an unusual insult, but it seems to get the job done. Use this when you’re telling your best friend all the details of a night out, some of the points get mundane, and your BFF tunes you out. Shoot them with the “panini head” insult and after a quick fit of laughter, you’ll be able to finish telling your tale.

8. “This is a really tough decision… ’cause you’re both crap.”

tv gordon ramsay hells kitchen

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When deciding between drinking Burnett’s or Aristocrat at a party. On the bright side, at least its not Keystone.

9. “Hey, come here. Let me whisper something very important in your ear, very important: Fuck off. Get out.”

Gordon Ramsay

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When someone shows up to the pregame that you didn’t invite and they are causing a ruckus. Do you even go here?

10. “I have to laugh when someone calls me an asshole. I’ve been called way worse.”

When someone tries to tear you down:

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You know when you’re standing in line for a bar and a huge group of people decide to cut? It sucks when they cut in front of you, but when you cut in front of them, it is a private success. Sometimes you get caught, but as long as the bouncer didn’t see, there is nothing anyone can do. So just laugh away, because you’re getting to the dance floor sooner than that group is.

11. “I just want to die and fuck off to heaven with my filet steak.”

Telling a steak he wants to die and fuck off with it to heaven.

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Imagine that ice cold sip of water you take after a late night of drinking. Chef Ramsay’s filet = that ice cold water.

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11. “…”

Falling asleep at a restaurant because his order was taking too long.

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When you’re in class and the professor is going on and on about something that’s “not on the test.” Why waste your time listening to his story when a quick nap would prepare you for that all-nighter you have to pull tonight? A quick 20-minute nap is proven to boost alertness and increase motor skills.

12. “So I’m not leaving until you laugh.”

So I'm not leaving until you laugh again

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When your friend is having a crappy day and you just want to cheer them up. Life is too short to be sad, so start laughing.

13. “Piss off.”

Piss off

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Finally, when you have so much work to do and you don’t feel like doing any of it. Tell your 10-page paper to “piss off” and it will undoubtedly make you feel much better.

Insults aside, Chef Ramsay is an upstanding guy who is excellent at what he does.


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Yes Chef Gordon Ramsay, you.