The beauty of breakfast is incomparable — it’s the most important meal of the day, and there’s such a range of breakfast foods for varying lifestyles and tastes. Oatmeal, if you’re the queen of consistency and reliability, eggs, if you have a little bit more time on your hands, and smoothies, for the grab-n-go fitness girlie.

I, for one, gravitate towards oatmeal and or toast, carbohydrates that will keep me full for the entire morning. While toast with butter is, indisputably, very delicious and oatmeal is, well, just oatmeal, what I really crave most mornings is the creme de la creme of all breakfast foods: the breakfast sandwich.

A breakfast sandwich ties together all the best things about breakfast. You got your protein, your eggs, maybe cheese, and a scrumptious bread that holds it all together. A bite from a breakfast sandwich is a bite of heaven.

While I don’t typically have the time or resources to make my own sandwich (#dormliving), and frozen breakfast sandwiches don’t really cut it, the times I do venture out into the world for a breakfast sandwich I cherish.

A breakfast sandwich can be many things: for one, delicious, and maybe some not-so-positive qualities, like soggy or undercooked. Price is also a factor, as no one should be emptying their wallet for a sandwich. 

Here’s my ranking of the best chain breakfast sandwiches on the market, based on price, quality, and taste. 

1. Starbucks' Egg, Bacon & Gouda Sandwich

It really doesn’t get better than this one. The artisan roll is the perfect ratio of crisp to fluff, the egg is light and airy, and the cheese and bacon paired together is just sensational. This is definitely a breakfast sandwich with a more elevated taste than, say, a gas station sandwich (we’ll get there), but nonetheless is a reliable option, as Starbucks is literally everywhere. And, $4.75 is a doable price. My one criticism would be that when the egg is still cold, it completely ruins it.


2. Kwik Trip’s English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich

Remember when I dissed gas station breakfast sandwiches a few sentences ago? Well, it was in jest, since Kwik Trip’s English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich is seriously good. It’s like an upgraded version of a McDonald’s sandwich — it’s more flavorful and savory, and it’s only $3.89. While this might not be the obvious choice for a morning bite, once you give it a shot, you’ll understand. Although, it is only available in the Midwest.


3. McDonald's Egg McMuffin

Trailing not too far behind is the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, a fierce competitor, yet gets docked points for pushing $6. Still, it’s a solid classic with a tasty combination of toasted muffin, egg, cheese, and Canadian bacon. Good ‘ol reliable.


4. Dunkin's Sausage, Egg, & Cheese

While this sandwich isn’t bad, it’s not a stand out. The croissant is usually limp, and the egg is pitifully flat. It’s not inedible, however, and at $5.89 including hash browns, it’s not a bad deal.


5. Wendy's Breakfast Baconator

This sandwich features a double helping of sausage, bacon, and cheese covered in Swiss cheese. If you’re all about meat, this might be the pick for you, but in my experience, it is just a bit too much. However, I’ll hand it to Wendy’s for cleverly making a breakfast sandwich resemble their classic burger.