Since the ripe age of 5, I have been shopping at Trader Joe's with my mom for groceries. From organic produce, to delicious trail mixes, and decadent desserts, Trader Joe's has it all. However, not everything passes the taste test, or even the budget test. Here are the eight worst things I've bought from Trader Joe's.    

1. Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps (seasonal)

At $2.69 a bag, you will immediately regret eating the entire package of crisps in one seating. However, this occurrence is highly likely for those who enjoy a sweet, crunchy snack. I would definitely avoid spending $3 on a 6 oz bag of crisps that is not even going to survive even two days in your snack cabinet.  

2. Chocolate Croissants

Yes, the wonderfully delicious chocolate croissants are on this list. I know it is unbelievable, yet these croissants are not worth your moolah. Each package contains only three buttery, chocolate croissants. I don't know about you, but when I choose to eat a chocolate croissant over a plain buttery one, I expect a chocolate overload. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Trader Joe's Chocolate Croissants. The croissant-to-chocolate ratio is heavy on the croissant, which is not my jam. So, if you understand my concerns, do yourself a favor and step away from the chocolate croissants. 

3. Honey butter chips

Why the heck do these exist? In theory, these sound amazing— two delicious foods combined in one: honey butter and potato chips. However, this was not a match made in heaven. The honey butter provides an odd, unsatisfying aftertaste to the initial salty potato chip flavor. I suggest sticking to traditional potato chips.

4. Mango & Sticky Rice Spring Rolls

I still remember the day I first tried mango and sticky rice. The perfectly ripe mango and the satisfyingly sweet rice. Yet, all that flavor and yumminess is unfortunately lost in these spring rolls. The dough of the spring roll overpowers any flavor coming from the mango and sticky rice. Honestly, Trader Joe's might as well call them "Sticky Rice Spring Rolls," since I could not even taste mango. 

6. Microwaveable Pesto Fusilli with Vegetables

herb, vegetable
Parisa Soraya

The perfect school lunch, if you have the time to warm it on a stovetop. Although this fusilli is labelled as "microwaveable," I highly discourage using the microwave to prepare this dish. If you microwave it, the paper flavor from its cardboard container diffuses into the pasta itself. In effect, the initial pesto taste in the pasta is lost and replaced by a unenjoyable, cardboard taste.

7. Avocados

avocado, guacamole, vegetable
Rebecca Holstein

Like almost every millennial today, I love avocados. I love them on toast, in salads, or even just plain with some salt and Old Bay on top. Yet, at Trader Joe's, there is one problem with this fruit: its fluctuating price. One day the avocados are $1.29 each, and the next day they are $2.39 each. Save your budget, and stock up while they are "cheap," or just don't buy them at all. 

8. Chocolate Babka 

A traditional Polish dessert, this bread is full of swirls of rich chocolate. However, the Trader Joe's version does not fill that criteria. Yes, there is chocolate, but like the chocolate croissants, there is not enough. In addition to the lack of chocolate swirls, the bread itself is quite dry, making eating it quite unenjoyable. For $4.99, I was disappointed and felt like I did not get enough bang for my buck. 

Face the music and realize that not everything at Trader Joe's is worth it. Yet, don't let this stop you from indulging in their many other foods. I know I will still frequent Trader Joe's for its yummy snacks and desserts.