The 7 Best Natural Peanut Butter Brands You Should Be Buying

Peanut butter is a staple food for most people these days - actually, it might just be me. I could live off of peanut butter and have been since I was a little kid. I used to love the JIF brand, but after I was introduced to natural peanut butter, my life was forever changed. While JIF might taste good, it's loaded with extra sugars and additives that don't have to be in peanut butter. All you really need is peanuts - and it's quite an amazing taste. In fact, you might be a little confused at first by how overwhelming the peanut butter flavor is. There's not (a lot of) sugar to mask the natural flavor. 

Natural peanut butter might freak you out because there's typically oil at the top of the jars - that's normal, so it's all good. Since there's not additives in this peanut butter, oil separation occurs and is easily fixed by storing the jar in the fridge once you start using it. If you're itching to try peanut butter with a little less sugar and more peanut flavor, then one of these natural peanut butters below will most definitely be for you. 

1. Santa Cruz Organic Peanut Butter 

Santa Cruz brand is a must-try - and I'm speaking from experience here. The creamy texture and real peanut taste made it everything I've ever wanted with peanut butter. Don't let the price tag stop you, though, since it's almost $5 a jar at some grocery stores (like Whole Foods). Depending on how fast you go through one jar, this brand might be a one-time buy. 

2. Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter 

You may think Smucker's only has jelly, but you need to think again. Their natural peanut butter is creamy and delicious, and doesn't have to be refrigerated after opening. You can find this brand everywhere - and at Target you can get a 16-oz. jar for only $3. A peanut butter that won't break the bank and is delicious? Don't mind if I do. 

3. Trader Joe's Valencia Organic Peanut Butter 

This brand is one of my personal favorites. After you mix the oil and peanut butter together, you're in for a sweet peanut taste. But don't worry, there's no sugar added to this nut butter. You'll have to store this in the fridge after you open it so it hardens a little - that just makes it even better. You can buy this 16-oz. jar at your local Trader Joe's for $3.49. 

4. Justin's Peanut Butter 

I only tried this brand because I am a huge fan of Justin's Almond Butter. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but it definitely wasn't terrible. If this is your only option in the store, then go ahead and buy it. Just beware, it's a little on the pricey side - at $6.49 for a 16-oz. jar. 

5. 365 Organic Peanut Butter 

This is a Whole Foods brand, which pretty much means it has to be good. You can choose between creamy or crunchy (an option that has been debated for ages) and be satisfied with either one. This brand is on the cheaper side - at $3.69 for a typical 16-oz. jar. Trust me, you won't be disappointed with this one.

6. Kirkland Natural Peanut Butter 

If you go through peanut butter as fast as I do, this brand might be the one for you. Unlike most natural peanut butters, Kirkland gives you the option to buy its peanut butter is packs of two (and in a 28-oz. jar). This double pack can be found at Costco for $17 - not a bad deal, if you ask me. Buying this will save you that extra trip to the grocery store when you run out of peanut butter sooner than expected. 

7. JIF Natural Peanut Butter

If you a die-hard JIF fan and can't imagine switching to something a little healthier, then try out the semi-healthier version. It doesn't have that potent peanut taste like the other natural peanut butters, but it's a whole lot better than plain old JIF. It's great if you working with a budget, too, since it's only $2.50 for a 16-oz. jar. 

No matter what your peanut butter preference may be, these natural peanut butters are worth the try. Even if you love the brand your currently buying, branch out and try something new. You never know what your tastebuds will react to.